Sunday, March 12, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] State poll results

UP is a stunner definitely.
UP voters are said to be the most politically savvy.They know that if work needs done then there has to be conjunction between centre and state.
And dalit politics is in bad taste.
We all are equal and Progress is the issue,not the caste.

Punjab had to go out of SADs hands as people were visibly most disappointed with it.
And another point one noticed was the younger generation not swayed by small gains in Punjab.
Hope India continues on the Path of Progress.

And one observers the local aap supporters trying to toe the middle class line.
Guess as Kejri ji says that voters can take money frm all but shd vote for aap. Civic Polls in Delhi is next.

On 12 Mar 2017 19:27, "Sarbajit Roy" <> wrote:
Members may wish to discuss the recent poll results in 5 states

1) Voters want "change" - as always.
2) AAP is temporarily knocked out.

We will need to see votes shares constituency-wise, but NOTEBANDI
clearly played a huge part in UP elections swing :-)

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