Friday, July 25, 2014

[IAC#RG] BJP as corrupt as Congress

IAC members may recall a campaign we started to shut down 2 highly
pornographic .IN websites about 2 months before the LS elections.

Since the sites were hosted in Mumbai our campaign reached Milind
Deora (MoS for IT) and Priya Dutt when the UPA Govt babus continuously
evaded closing these sites on IAC's complaint. But even these 2 MPs (1
of whom was actually the dealing junior Minister) didn't (or couldn't)
shut down these 2 highly lucrative sites which are allegedly financed
by relatives of a leading politico using havala through Pakistan.
These sites were so shameless that they even had scandalous
"celebrity" pictures of their own Party President in dirty business.

After the BJP Govt came to power IAC complained about 3 additional
porno .IN websites blatantly controlled from a chappie in Pakistan
(openly registered to him in PK). These websites had explicit dirty
"celebrity" pics of a current BJP MP (and former Union Minister)'s
celeb daughter. Despite this for almost 2 months the BJP Govt took no
action on IAC's complaint even though the dealing Union Minister (BJP)
is very close to the MP concerned.

Left with no alternative - and unwilling to pay the bribes demanded,
IAC translated about 20 pornographic pictures with their filthy
captions into Gujarati language and discreetly sent it to "The Man"
last week. 2 of these sites were finally "rendered inactive"
yesterday, the 3rd had stopped down on its own on 22 July.The 2
lucrative .IN porno sites with pics of Congress persons continue to
operate but those photos have been deleted (for now)

(1) There is no practical difference between Congress and BJP.
(2) Even if you have the cleanest persons at the top - the 2nd rung of
Ministers in both parties are as corrupt as before / each other.
(3) During Congress corrupt raaj - I don't recall tomatoes ever being
Rs.100/kg in Safal outlet

Watch this space

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