Friday, April 1, 2016


The further one year extension given by the BJP government to the off shore Casinos comes as no surprise. With the tacit support of the government the Casinos will remain afloat till the River Mandovi dries.

While as Leader of the Opposition Manohar Parrikar had branded Casinos as a "social evil" and called them "dens of vice". While leading that agitation against Casinos, Manohar Parrikar had vowed to make sure that all Casinos were thrown out of Goa if the BJP came to power. But in a dramatic U turn in March 2012 after usurping power, the BJP fell in love with the Casino brigade with Goa today sadly become the country's gambling hub with the allied vices of prostitution and the narcotics trade also flourishing by the day.

As Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar while branding the revenue from Casinos as "bad" money had declared in the Goa Legislative Assembly that the revenue from Casinos would be kept in a separate account and utilized only on homes for the aged and those suffering from Alzheimer's. On that revenue earned by the government from Casinos, Manohar Parrikar had firmly stated "We don't want to use that money to buy computers for students. We don't need that money in the budget"

While the BJP now continues to merrily milk the Casinos, the people of Goa can read between the lines. The government should not underestimate the intelligence quotient of Goans who have been patiently enduring the manner in which the people are being taken for a ride. The BJP must be shown its place for having betrayed on almost every issue that faith the people of Goa had reposed. 

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