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I am told by reliable people that 80 percent members of the subordinate judiciary in Delhi are corrupt.Greed is a natural human tendency except for very moral people.If their is hardly any fear of being caught and punished they succumb to the temptation of easy money.So far the Sup act has not attempted to create a credible organisation to keep a close watch on such elements.This is possible and can be done if their is a real will.In 1930 the then CJ of Alld High Court Sir Grimwood Mears had almost totally eliminated corruption from the lower courts of UP.
               Shanti Bhushan
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On 12-Apr-2016, at 8:36 pm, Amitava Sanyal <> wrote:

I am wondering - how - one does affirm - through what consideration - that one is corrupt - and the levels of corruption - specially among the Judges. 

Respected Shanti Bhusan ji - will very much be able to explain - how the justice system works - and - where corruption can creep in - during the process of judgement. 

As an ardent student of behavioural science and it's manifestation in human behaviour - the elements of corruption - is usually ingrained in the process of our socialization. The preference of behavioural patterns - by our parents - teachers - peers - do wind up messages that grip us - in our options of judgement. All humans go through the process of judging options - at all times. 

All actions are naturally prejudiced - thus an observer will surely find deference - in the behaviour of others. 

The element of corruption - is determined by the one - who attempts to gain - through ensuring or coercing a verdict - from the other. Perhaps - in the name of justice - injustice prevail - by those - who advocate justice.

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I was recently told by a very respected lawyer practising in the subordinate courts of Delhi that not less than 80 percent judges are corrupt and less than 20 percent alone are honest.I am not aware whether  present CJI has any concrete plans to deal with this serious situation.Similar might be the situation all over India ,only percentages might be somewhat different in some States.Chief Justice Grimwood Mears of the Allahabad High Court  had taken some drastic steps in1930 to put an end to judicial corruption in the lower courts of UP. Maybe the present CJI also has some drastic remedy in mind to tackle this menace all over India.If he does something history will remember him for ages.

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The recent assertion by the Chief Justice of India T.S. Thakur that the Judiciary is facing crisis of credibility is a very candid admission of the grim ground reality. The framers of the Indian Constitution had envisaged a free, fair and independent Judiciary. It was never visualized that Courts could end up as dens of chicanery and jugglery. It was incumbent to ensure judicial accountability at all times with the entire judiciary conforming to the highest standards of uprightness and integrity. If Judges cannot independently balance the scales of Justice, the temples of Justice become redundant.

The Judiciary should never be manned by persons who are slanted or aligned to any political party. Judges should have the spine to crack on illegalities done by any politician, regardless of the party he is affiliated to or the high position he holds.

In Goa we have some extremely good judges but there are some from the other end of the spectrum on whom less said the better. The current hotline enabling communication between Politicians and Judges through a dubious interface by way of the flamboyant Advocate General Atmaram Nadkarni compromises and ruptures the very sovereignty and sanctity of the Judiciary. It is high time for a concerted effort to cleanse the Aegean Stables of Indian Judiciary by flushing out undesirable judges who should never have landed where they are today.

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