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Most of the Judicial officers right from a Magistrate to the CJI are very much in favour of continuing the Colonial legacy. They may speak about the radical changes to be brought about in the Judicial Set Up . But, invariably helps and abets the rotten practice that is continuing since the Colonial era.   'Charity must begin at 
Home' . Present CJI is much  harping upon the ' Non Co- Operation' at the hands of the Govt. Why should wait for the Govt. It is all lame excuses. The judicial officials , after the implementation of 'SHETTY COMMISSION' are decently paid. But, unfortunately, many of these judges work only in signing the records and receive the 'Fat Pay Packet' every month non commensurate with the work they have put in. As an Advocate, an Officer of the  Court, I  have many instances to point out, but refrain myself from divulging . OK. Rest in Next.

On Thursday, 5 May 2016, Aires Rodrigues <> wrote:

The  move by the Allahabad High Court to curtail its summer vacation is a step in the right direction. Infact the Supreme Court which currently functions for less than nine months a year should have taken the lead to increase its court working days so that it could have been also replicated by all Courts across the country to being down the current enormous pendency of cases.

The mountain of pile up of cases is indeed a matter of immense concern. Over three crore cases in trial Courts, a whopping 41 lakh in the 24 High Courts and a mind boggling over 60,000 in the Supreme Court is no easy task to grapple with.

The concept of evening and night Courts is impractical and having been tried in some states has miserably failed. Infact reducing the number of court holidays may be the way to go. Optimizing the working of the Courts during the day must be the thrust by possibly even increasing the Court working hours by an hour or two.  But for all this to happen only persons with sound knowledge of law and impeccable integrity must be selected as Judges at all levels of the Judiciary. 


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