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Extrapolated by extending ( UN ending )reservations meant for TEN years ONLY
+ Mandalisation+OBC + Poor of other castes,religions ,

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Friends All,
                  Have we seen or noted the changes that have occurred in our great free from the foreign hand, after 1947.....?  
Plus also, whatever came to pass in the first 47 years during the previous century (and before our Independence and our Division ? ) Do we see it ?

We have had massive changes occur on the ground, where minorities and majorities have come to pass.  Do we not see the great changes that too have occurred, during these past 70 years of our being free of the foreign rule ?  Some massive changes have come to pass say in Assam, as a starter where the issues of majority and minority are concerned. Are these ... plus more points...not visible to us all ?

We may regard the major change of May 2014 as a democratic process, but does the other half (the ones now in the Opposition) accept the change, truly speaking ? 
The media tends to play it up, of course, but lets not forget that the "other half" of our democracy does not seem to accept the change our polity did throw up in May 2014.

Our democracy seems to depend totally upon who follows which religion or belongs to which caste, forgetting for the moment a few millions in our urban societies who may be as democratic as the world understands it all. May be. 

With all of that as a backdrop, the perennial J&K problem, and the fringe elements among our religious polities...even "spread-out" at our campuses and our unending issues related to "tolerance" or "secularism" we in India are still in a major flux of sorts.

Within all of that i call it 'a slippery mess', the Chinese have made a move with Pakistan at their "beck & call" and Nepal having slipped away towards China ...  are we not in an era of uncertainties ? That may very likely to show us one more route of sorts depending upon the forthcoming results in the 5-State election results that may start pouring in 19 th May onward ....!

All said and done, we are and will remain in this state of flux we have created for ourselves. Period.

Best regards and Peace.

dev chopra in gurgaon


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Dear Sir,
I  appreciate your feeling about the work of Prime Minister Shri Narendra D Modi.
You being very good qualified advocate must be well aware about Seven Years of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru from 1950 to 1952 and from 1952 to 1957.
There after from 1957 to 1962.
Mr. Narendra Damodar das Modi was not aware about the Total Control in the hand of bureaucracy including  his  citizenship.
He was allowed to contest the General Election from Varanasi, as he had his name in the Electroll  from Gujarat.
Any person can contest the General Election if his/her name appears  under Article 326 as Voter.
He had taken oath under Article  85 (a) prior to get nominated for  Lok Two Places one at  Vadodara and other at Varanasi.His name was proposed by other persons from these constituencies. How many people know this loop hole in our Election Process. It is applicable from 1963.
Our Constitution had been amended many times under Article 368,but it was not translated in Hindi prior to 1988.The leading Political Parties had been opposing the translation in Hindi.Specially  CPI and CPIM and  leading parties from South.
We wanted to get our Constitution away from Government of India Act,1935.It was done by late Rajiv Gandhi,when Late R Venktraman was President. Now  Narendra Modi is replacing all English Names of  Ministries  to Hindi.Is it not development?
He started Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in the country.

Warm regards,
Rakshpal Abrol
Consumer Activist

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The Narendra Modi government is completing two years and has failed on all counts while throttling even basic democratic values. The foul modus operandi of high-handedly destabilizing elected governments in non-BJP ruled states must be stoutly deprecated. The right lessons must be learnt from Uttarakhand. India may be publicly acclaimed as the world's largest democracy but the ground reality is that we are now ebbing away from Democracy with no transparency in the functioning of the Government. Any person attempting to tell the Government that all is not well, gets manhandled. An opponent is incarcerated as a seditionist! 
Narendra Modi rode to power vowing that he will do in 50 months what others had not done in 50 years. He had promised 'Acche din' for the Aam Aadmi and Good governance but his then enthusiasm for freedom has been waning away and we now have an emerging culture of surveillance and secrecy.  Over the last two years he has only been blabbering and merrily touring the world. Fascism is at its peak, with sheer intolerance to any criticism
It is no secret that the BJP government is geared, controlled, and manipulated by the RSS and the VHP who are deeply entrenched in their very divisive ideology. The people of India are now seeing through NaMo's vicious game plan with the chorus already bugling 'BJP Hatao Desh Bachao'. 
Governance by cloak of secrecy and opaqueness needs to be strongly resisted. It cannot be a hush-hush regime. We need to dismantle those walls of secrecy that continue to hound transparency and good governance. Over the last two years the poor have become poorer but only the BJP has become very cash rich.  In those very words of  Narendra Modi 'Sabko sanmati de bhagwan' (Let good sense prevail). It is only time that the voices will speak. Jai Hind!

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