Tuesday, February 7, 2017

[IAC#RG] Another Nirbhaya : Nandhini Murder in tamil nadu -- can not we wake up our country ?

Hi ,

Why there are no strong laws amended in our country , by keeping the laws that are inherited from old days will make our environment better. ?

Recently the incident happens in tamilnadu which is making me feel like why am i living here.
Why there are no strict rule even after the incident which caused our country to down in the global village - NIrbahaya case.

Again, there is similar incident in TN -The pregnant girl "Nandhini" is murdered brutally and her fetus has been taken away and burnt .. what are we heading towards ?



After i gone through personally the below  incident, i am getting more anger when ever i see the actual culprits are flew away due to the very big hole in our legal system.

The same police/legal system caused myself to think about end of my life which i reported in oct'2016. Still i am fighting.[That is different story though]

Is there any changes can be imposed to change this entire system useful to the common man.. i don't know what i need to do from my side.Feeling ashamed of sitting idle and watching all these [Just beccause i have a family ]

Sent an letter/application to PM and president but i am damn sure nothing will happen. Fed up !!! fed Up !!!



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