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Re: [IAC#RG] Fwd: Why Mass agitation on jallikattu now in Tamil Nadu and not earlier ?

Instead of terming Jallikattu agitation as some kind of mob rule in the name of mass agitation,it may be worth a while to go to its reasons. The so called reformists who wish to take a progressive route n not regressive may be totally wrong in their appreciation of the truth.Please explain as to why killing n eating animals is progressive but retaining of old culture that's rooted to millennium is regression.Instead of  finding flaws in the implementation of Jallikattu one could always apply ones mind as to how to conduct it so that animals are not harmed.  Why is it that similar sport in Spain is not questioned?Same people love supporters of cow killings but never raise a voice on goats,turkeys killing or any animals killing on other festivals. One needs to be fair and not hypocritical or duplicitous in ones behaviour 

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On 06-Feb-2017, at 1:40 AM, Sant Mathur <> wrote:

Is the nation wanting to become progressive or regressive?
The Supreme Court once commented that there was competition after six decades of independence to be termed backward or even most backward?
Index of civilisation means more humanising behaviour of human beings.
More humane culture.
Not more of the same in status-quoits manner, under any garb or citing any fallacious reasoning.
Not same or increasing regressiveness in culture.
Evidence-based decision making demands rigours of scientific research.
Not decision making under duress or under the influence of hysteria/frenzy of (instigated/paid ) multitude.
Cool-headed thinking is required for proper discourse. Hope the Apex Court does the trick

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On 21-Jan-2017, at 7:57 PM, Venkatraman Ns <> wrote:


India Against Corruption

                                                                                 Why Mass agitation on jallikattu now in Tamil Nadu and not earlier ?


Jallikattu issue has been hanging  fire in  Tamil Nadu for several years now. But, the state has never witnessed this sort of mass agitation demanding jallikattu.

In a state  like Tamil Nadu, with around 700 lakh population, even if  0.1 % of the population (70000 people) join the agitation, it would  be termed  as mass agitation.

Many people wonder why this mass agitation has happened now and not earlier when Ms. Jayalalitha was the Chief Minister. The issue remained the same earlier and now  and therefore, the emotions should have been the same earlier and now.

Can anyone explain this?  Can we simply accept the theory that mob rule takes place when governance weakens ?


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