Thursday, April 13, 2017

[IAC#RG] US bombs Afghanistan

US drops biggest non-nuclear bomb on Afghanistan...

The atomic bomb dropped by US on Japan was not meant for Japan. The target was to scare the USSR. 
The aim of the current exercise is not just Afghanistan. The target is to scare Russia to drop its support for Syria. So that the US can invade and effect a regime change in Syria. 

What has changed? Only the context. First world still treats the third world as toilet paper. Mao said   that contradiction between the third world and Imperialism will remain the principal contradiction of our era. He was right.

Modi and Doval should be scared too...their pro-US, pro-Israel, anti-Muslim stand is not going to save India. Pakistan, not India, is a natural US-Israel ally. Soon, with full US-Israel support, ISIS will knock at India's door. And, without a conducive, pro-communal harmony atmosphere, without national unity, without Hindu-Muslim unity, without invoking the legacy of 1857, India will not stand a chance. 
Amaresh Misra

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