Thursday, April 20, 2017

[RTI INDIA] Supreme Court upholds AP HC judgment on quashing appointment of 4 ICs in 2013

The Supreme Court has upheld the judgment of the AP High Court
(PIL 28/2013) wherein the appointment of 4 ICs in the APSIC was quashed.

Attached are both the original AP HC judgment and the SC judgment on the SLP.

After this judgment the situation is as follows:

The present Chief SIC demits office on 22 May 2017.
The only other remaining IC demits office on 14 May 2017.

After that RTI will presumably go to sleep in AP & Telangana.

Since there is only one Information Commission for both the States
(illegal as per the RTI Act) no one knows which State, which CM, which
LoP, etc....will be involved in the selection process.


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