Thursday, November 16, 2017

[IAC#RG] Complaint : AAP ki sarkaar is subsidising Anil Ambani and looting citizens of Delhi ?

Shri Arvind Kejriwal
Chief Minister of NCT Delhi

Dear Chief Minister

I refer to the mischievous article published by AAP's Economic Advisor Mr. Roshan Shankar in on 24 Oct 2017 titled as "Delhi Metro's missing Fare Fixation Committee report: DMRC's fare hike is opaque, undemocratic"

You will be pleased to know that due to ceaseless followup by INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION the "missing" 4th Fare Fixation Committee report for DMRC is now uploaded to DMRC website.

I hope that you will now personally intervene to see that citizens of Delhi who use Delhi Metro do not have to bear the unjustifed estimated expense of Rs. 4,760 crores spent on "new maintenance works" for rectifying Mr. Anil Ambani's defective Delhi Airport Express Line which has resulted in a 445% increase in operating expenses of DMRC on this head when the CPI rise was only 81% in same period and electricity cost rise was 123%.

As an engineer, you will surely appreciate that these defective constructions for DAEMPL at around the time of CommonWealth Games 2010 were carried out by EPC contractors (mainly Chinese) jointly selected by Central Govt and DMRC's then MD Mr. Sreedharan so this huge unjustified burden must be borne by Central Govt as a grant and not by Delhi citizens for no fault of ours.

You will also appreciate that the 4th FFC fare recommendations are the ceiling and there is no restriction on DMRC charging much lower fares than recommended. This present report clearly highlights and approves that the fares on Anil Ambani's DAEMPL line are presently about 30% of the fare recommended by the fare fixation committee.

You must therefore personally intervene to direct DMRC to ensure that there is no cross-subsidy between DMRC operations and Mr. Anil Ambani's DAEMPL operations. I suggest that Govt of NCTD directs DMRC to similarly set tariffs of 30% of what the 4th FFC has recommended on all its other lines so there is no discrimination in favour of Mr. Anil Ambani's group cos.

NB: I must regretfully inform you that if we do not see immediate positive actions from AAP ki sarkaar on the lines indicated above to reduce DMRC fares, the INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION movement shall not support any candidates of AAP in future elections in the same way our cadres voted en-bloc against AAP in Punjab due to the deliberate public insult to our icon Sarala Devi Chaudhrani by AAP spokesperson Ashutosh.


Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor
B-59 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024

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