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They say ignorance is bliss. How ignorant you are of BJP's acts! Turning black money of the rich into white and making the crony capitalists richer and poor farmers, Dalits, OBCs and others poorer. Have you forgotten Lalitgate, Vayapam, PDS ghotala in Chhattisgarh, recapitalisation of Banks to write off big crony capitalists huge loans with tax payers money, doing away with the procedural norms to buy fighter aircrafts, offering bribes to other party members to join BJP, giving defence deals to some capitalist by taking it away from the time tested HAL, making hollow promises and doing nothing, taking over the entire media to spread lies ....? I can keep narrating till the cows come home. Rolling out GST with six to seven tax brackets and now slowly but surely rolling it back to Congress's proposed GST. 

Common man don't be blind BJP Bhakt. Have some sense in evaluating things. They say "everything is yellow to a jaundiced eye" - and that is the case with you. Not a needle could be made when India got freedom. And during the 60 (not 70) years of Congress rule we became a nuclear power to be reckoned with. We landed on the Moon. We win decisive wars with Pakistan. 

BJP will create another Pakistan wit its policies and dictatorship. 

Absolutely disgusting are your views. 


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"BJP Mukt Bharat"! What a stupid idea. Whom will you bring to power?​ Those who have  brought up villages in last 70 years, who have created vote banks by bringing divides  and created rampant reservations? Whohave not been able to enrich farmers in all these years and make them suicide free? Who have not been doling out subsidies and not ensuring if they reached the real needy? What is being demanded as unfulfilled in 3 years? Who have created powerful parallel economy in the form of Black money? Who have been ignoring or turning blind eye to huge scams? Well, continuing propagating this idea if your intentions are to ruin our nation. Please, for god sake, be sincere to your own conscience.  

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Yes in my opinion it should have the highest priority. Dr. Swaminathan as an Agricultural scientist has devoted his whole life to this cause first as a director of IARI and later continued as an advisor. Infact his contribution to green revolution of 1960-70 is immense.

The present Govt. is only paying lip service to the cause of farmers welfare. First the Govt said they will increase income of farmers by 100%. Now after three years they are shifting the goal post to 2022 but does not say what has been done in three years. 
The other day the PM was talking of contract farming, investment by private sector ,raisng productivity. In other words the intention is to make agriculture an industry like in US .

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Can we add,how to assure that farmers get 50%more than the cost of production of all their crops as recommended by the Swaminathan commission.This would transform not only the lives of the farmers but also transform the villages in India,

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