Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Re: [IAC#RG] Can the nation afford INCOMPETENT Ajit Doval NSA ?

How can you say such things about the country's beloved PM? On the other hand I agree that it looks like a Doval-Mossad job, the only cost being the tragic sacrifice of those young jawans,  mostly Muslim,  dalit and OBC.

No marks to guess who will be the main beneficiaries of this pre-election false flag terror,  if that's what it was. And if we become more adventurous China is waiting in the wings to come to Pakistan's aid - to protect its CPEC by diverting Indian forces to the NE sector and possibly grabbing its putative territory in Arunachal. Just like it did in 1962 when India put the heat on Nepal and the then growing regional power came to its aid, according to knowledgeable people there. India will be the only loser.  And we in Delhi and its surrounds could be obliterated by a hot-head with his/her finger on  the Pakistani red button.

Hope govt. is consulting the right astrologers.

But is this mere speculation on your part,  or just an exercise in joining the dots by its immediate fallout?


On 19 Feb 2019 10:35 a.m., "Rajinder Dalvi" <indiaresists@lists.riseup.net> wrote:
Every intelligent person in the country knows by now that over 40 Indian lives were sacrificed just before elections so that this puppet of Internal Zionism Narendra Modi will return for another 5 years of misrule to benefit ZIONists. It is obvious that the entire operation had been planned and executed by Ajit Doval in concert with his counterparts across the borders.

The numerous inconsistencies in the inquiry into the Phulwana attack leaves no doubt that this weak kneed bunch of political amateurs called BJP and Vivekananda Foundation must be thrown out immediately if Hindustan is to be saved.We are reaping the fruits of the bunch of eunuchs who mishandled IC-814 (Kandahar) and who obstructed shooting out the plane tyres at Amritsar to save an ILLUMINATI kingpin on board the flight

Ajit Doval then, as now, was the person responsible for the fuckups.

16 Years On, Mystery of RAW Officer on Hijacked IC-814 Remains

There is now only one way for Modi to redeem themselves in the eyes of Hindus who view him as yet another lily livered Nehru in 1961 foolish enough to believe those who keep telling the PM what he wants to hear.

He must kick out Ajit Doval for his gross incompetence and task RAW to locate the JeM / HeM leadership anywhere in the world and bring them to justice in India, dead or alive.

PS: all this talk of war is foolishness. Why should more soldiers die for Modi's ego, arrogance and overall incompetence ?

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