Thursday, February 28, 2019

Re: [IAC#RG] A corrupt mouse who roars

During Bangladesh War, all opposition parties including  then Jansangh leaders Vajpayeeji and  Advaniji supported PM Indira Gandhi.Vajpayeeji called her Devi  Durga.The Goddess killed a dreaded demon named Mahisashur.The demon was destroying human Civilization and
decreed only he should be respected and worshipped.The entire Indian nation including political parties had supported the war fought by tri-services under her leadership.
I am pained to know that several Opposition leaders at a meeting yesterday lashed out the incumbent PM alleging that he is politicalizing  the sacrifices being made by our brave hearts.I am anguished to learn from Media that senior politician Sharad Pawar, ex-Defence Minister & Maharashtra CM, is among the signatories to the resolution adopted unanimously at the meet.In a democracy, policies are framed by  political leadership.We Indian nation are a functional democracy.
On Thu, Feb 28, 2019, 12:33 PM Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
In Sept 2016 I had opined to this forum as follows:-

I had clearly explained then the massive corruption in BJP's secretive version of Rafale deal.

It is of course a great tragedy that the safety of India is the hands of this present govt of maniacal geriatrics, half of whom in the Cabinet enjoy borrowed lives, and whose previous PM, a notoriously "celibate" alcoholic, ie. Shri Vajpayee, had famously declared while in his cups "I will tolerate destruction of half of Hindustan but shall wipe out Pakistan" or suchlike.

It is of course an even bigger tragedy that there is absolutely no credible and articulate opposition left in the country except perhaps this Muslim lady Ms. Mehbooba Mufti, a former CM of J&K, and perhaps she could even be our next PM someday if this jingoism continues.

On the question of remarks against Shri Ajit Doval by a ld. forum member, and which some other esteemed members of our forum have objected to, sufficeth it to say that whereas no doubt Mr. Modi has no money making / profiteering children or other relatves that we at IAC know of, the accusations and allegations of scandalous lobbying and wheeling dealing activities of Mr. Doval's foreign citizenship children (which are now also the subject of a defamation suit/s and so in public domain), ie. the new "D-company" are a public slap on Mr. Modi's honest face.

As patient and tolerant Hindus, and Hindustanis, we are watching the unfolding situation carefully, to see what action Shri Modi takes next.

Sarbajit Roy
for Hindu Samaj of India (Bharatvarshiya Hindu Samaj)

NB: Hindu Samaj (Bharatvarshiya Hindu Samaj) is the oldest Hindu organization in India (formed in 1849 at Kolkata) to define Hindutva (Hindu way of life), remove corruption and moral degeneration in Hinduism, and achieve complete independence for Hindus culminating in a Hindu nation.
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