Monday, July 30, 2012

Re: [HumJanenge] Interesting exchange of correspondence between SG and CIC

Dear Girish

Thanks for placing these 2 letters before us.

1) SG comes across (at least to me) in his letter as a hysterical old
woman protesting that her modesty has been compromised. SM on the
other hand comes across as PROMPT, to the point, factual and most
importantly as MATURE.

2) We can see that CIC's official letterhead as his hotmail email ID -
so the other reply (ex-MP) may be deemed to be official.

3) Please consider if asking rhetorical questions is useful. Answers
may be given which would embarrass you / SG. For instance there are
many complaints by me (acting as watchdog over CIC) concerning SG
which were invariably forwarded to SG and he refrained from repeating
his corrupt actions thereafter.


On 7/30/12, Girish Mittal <> wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> Attached is the correspondence exchanged between Mr. Mishra & Mr. Shailesh
> Gandhi reg. the case which Mr. Akashdeep has filed in DHC. I must hasten to
> add that these files were procured using RTI Act, 2005.
> Mr. Mishra says that the nature of information sought hardly matters for
> the case to be taken to such an extent..An official of commission seemingly
> trying to place papers in file backdated, and strangely, Mr.
> Mishra doesn't find any wrong it!!! Besides, what was ordered was just an
> inquiry-if there was no malafide, the officials need not worry...But...
> Mr. Mishra also claims that he has not come across any case in which
> directions of Mr. Gandhi have not been implemented in CIC...I have come
> across the cases in which directions of even CIC himself have not been
> implemented..Besides, as I have pointed to you all in the case
> CIC/SM/A/2011/001791, the orders of SG have not been implemented. This has
> been pointed to Mr. Mishra several times also, but he has failed to act on
> the same...
> We live in a strange world....
> Regards.
> Girish Mittal

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