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Will Hindu Rasthra do away with our common enemies viz
and above all corruption and many many ills prevailing in our society?

On 7/19/12, mmp kala <> wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> I will uphold any religion if I feel that it is being maligned unfairly and
> that is what I thought one of our friends  was doing to Hinduism in one of
> the preceding mail.  I have read Vedas, some 54 plus Upanishads and other
> books of Hindus, some Buddhist literature and it all began with my
> introduction to Christianity in the Sunday Bible School by missionaries in
> 1953-54 and my acquiring the Bible as far back as 1978.  Today we have
> women, Muslims,OBCs, SCs and STs holding very high offices and that is the
> greatness of the Framers of our Constitution; if you have it in you, you can
> reach the top.
>  As for the menial jobs, no body does it out of coercion.  The rising
> unemployment forces people to do what comes their way..  Remember that India
> adds every year some 1.2 crore children which is marginally less than the
> total population of Australia which has double the area of India; and China
> though has the maximum population, it has 3.5 times the area of India.
> China has sensed the danger and is curtailing its population but we know the
> danger but have closed our eyes. Will we be able to provide 12 million
> additional jobs to those born this year after 20 years, and will we keep
> increasing the jobs at 1.2 crore plus every year?  We were 36 crores in
> 1951, 101 crores in 2001 and 122 crores in 2011 some three times increase in
> 60 years; the last decade 2001-2012) saw a population  increase of 20
> percent.  With 20 percent increase  per decade at compounded rate, where
> will we be by the end of this century and how will our progeny survive?
> They
> will do every possible job, menial or otherwise, and if the jobs are not
> there, they will come down to lawlessness as part of the struggle for
> existence; it will be no wonder if they come down to cannibalism.  Please
> shed no tears for the menial jobs; they will be there for all times to come
> and they will remain in demand; however, the society should ensure that
> these workers are given a fair deal.
> Col Kala..
> --- On Thu, 19/7/12, Kamal Kumar Mitra <> wrote:
> From: Kamal Kumar Mitra <>
> Subject: Re: [HumJanenge] WHY WE NEED A HINDU RASHTRA?
> To: "" <>
> Date: Thursday, 19 July, 2012, 8:55 AM
> RespectedAzhar Tamboliji,
> I feel Pakistani & Bangladeshi constitutions are better , becuse they are
> based on deep religious values.
> From: Azhar Tamboli <>
> To:
> Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 11:08 AM
> Subject: Re: [HumJanenge] WHY WE NEED A HINDU RASHTRA?
> Dear Hemant ji & Col Kala ji ,
> My main concern is this discussion should not be here because it will damage
> the purpose of this group. This type of discussion required but this is
> really not right place can have this on personal emails. And one more thing
> I am here not talking as representative religion I am here as responsible
> citizen . Here , hemant ji I can reply to your view but I would prefer to
> follow groups rules and have talk on personal email id. And I feel our
> indian constitution is best which base on secular values.
> Thanking you & Best Regards,
> Azhar Tamboli
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> From: "Mr. Hemant Kshirsagar" <>
> Sender:
> Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 09:35:57 +0530
> To: <>
> ReplyTo:
> Subject: Re: [HumJanenge] WHY WE NEED A HINDU RASHTRA?
> Dear All,
> With respect to the mail below, as we know that the topic may be concerning
> "an not on topic" subject for the current conversation but please note such
> conversation are important for the sociey to grow and mature up!!
> Regarding the "The UNFORTUNATE REALITY is that the RTI movement /scene is
> dead. This group (and all other RTI egroups/fora) is very close to being
> terminal and should be shut down. Off-Topic controversial emails like this
> area way to keep the "fighting spirit" of us old-timers uptodate and
> keep some "movement" going."
> It is very much right as per the RTI Activists are becoming more of a
> blackmailers or do not help people who do not have any "money" matter in the
> case or the Babus are finding more and more ways for not helping the common
> peoples.
> Regarding the "Don't we know what hindu religion gave to Dalit n Women?
> Today indian muslim nothing but dalit who were victims of hindu religion so
> they adopted Islam. Before talking on about hindurashta go though
> manusmurti. Its just brahminical forces agenda."
> Now the only word is WOW how amazing the muslims all over the world treats
> the womens of their families drapped in the burhas and have excellent
> reasons for very very poor record for women liberation or rights. Women in
> Islam are not banned to enter the madarsa but in actual never allowed.
> Besides 05 womens per man and 12 kids each are totally fine. And with all
> due respect, regarding the castes in muslims and actions of each class
> against each other, (including the shia and sunni). Also treatment meted out
> to the Bohris by the other sub sects?
> Azhar, just a question, whether you would like to be treated as a muslim so
> to follow the Shariah Laws? Or a common citizen of India? You must recognize
> the problem that the rights and duties must be equal for all.
> Ok the point is Why I am on the Group, it is only because I remain updated
> with the current trends in the RTI domain and gain experience from the other
> far more experienced person, who share the "Burning Desire" to fuck the
> fucking politicos and the corrupt system. The corrupt system means
> government,police, armed forces, our lifes, our religions or any system
> which is not functioning as per it should be functioning.
> And regarding the religion, yes, you can say whatever you have to say, but
> always note, Hindu religion is not a religion, it has been the culture of
> continual development, peace and justice. And there was never an actual
> person who came and said that I am God or his son or his messenger and the
> rest of the people believed him. And then his descendants fought with each.
> I apologies for providing such straight answers but this is the truth, also
> if I may have hurted your sentiments.
> Note for Oldies:- Please sleep after 23:00 hrs to 04:00 hrs atleast, because
> your health is useful in the afternoon for fighting the babus. These Babus
> wont provide you answer in the night as even in the broad daylight they are
> interested for looting the country not in being righteous with their jobs
> and responsibilities.
> SBR:- please publish this mail.
> Regards,
> Hemant
> On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 8:44 AM, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
> Dear Azhar
> Let me concur with your views.
> This group does have a filtering mechanism in place to stop such kind
> of Off-Topic emails.
> The fact that such emails get through is in itself part of the
> filtering process as we constantly attempt to improve the ratio  of
> "signal to noise" at the group. As part of this improvement process
> you may have noticed that the volume of emails on this group has been
> continually lowered to a point which the group moderators are
> comfortable with. (NB: The group still receives about 15-20 emails
> every day - but only about 4 or 5 get through).
> The UNFORTUNATE REALITY is that the RTI movement /scene is dead. This
> group (and all other RTI egroups/fora) is very close to being terminal
> and should be shut down. Off-Topic controversial emails like
> this are
> a way to keep the "fighting spirit" of us old-timers uptodate and keep
> some "movement" going.
> Natures Law :- "The slower you move the faster you die"
> Sarbajit
> On 7/17/12, Azhar Tamboli <> wrote:
>> Is it really necessary to discuss this subject here? This group filtering
>> system n management is disappointing.
>> Thanking you & Best Regards,
>> Azhar Tamboli
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>> From: mmp kala <>
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>> Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 00:25:34
>> To: <>
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>> Subject: Re: [HumJanenge]  WHY WE NEED A HINDU RASHTRA?
>> Dear friend,
>> Pl read the holy Quran to know what Islam stands for and also read the
>> history of the kingdoms which were subdued by Islamic rulers.
>>  Incidentally,
>> I have read Holy Quran four times (t English ranslation approved by the
>> Saudi Arabian Govt) and you will know the why of CONVERSION.
>> As for Indian Muslims, they ruled the country for 1200 years and had
>> chosen
>> not to
> go to Pakistan of their free will as hey knew that worse was there
>> for them in that country (see the plight of Muzaahirs)
>> As for the Hindu religion, I am equally critical of its past as it is not
>> sans blemishes.  However, today Hinduism is a way of life.  You may
>> worship
>> a god or another god or the Omnipotent God or no God at all, and you are
>> accepted as Hindu.  As for the plight of women and dalits, please do read
>> the Holy Quran for the dispensation given there in for women and the
>> slaves.
>> Col Kala
>> --- On Tue, 17/7/12, Azhar Tamboli <> wrote:
>> From: Azhar Tamboli <>
>> Subject: Re:
>> To:
>> Date: Tuesday, 17 July, 2012, 3:56 PM
>> Don't we know what hindu religion gave to Dalit n Women? Today indian
>> muslim
>> nothing but dalit who were victims of hindu religion so they adopted
>> Islam.
>> Before talking on about hindurashta go though manusmurti. Its just
>> brahminical forces agenda.
>>  Thanking you & Best Regards,
>> Azhar Tamboli
>> Sent from BlackBerry®From:  Bhushan Malgaonkar
>> <>
>> Sender:
>> Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2012 23:37:01 -0700 (PDT)To:
>> Subject: Re: [HumJanenge]  WHY WE NEED A HINDU RASHTRA?
>> Hindu religion doesn't exist. It is the vedanta also called Sanatan
>> Dharma
>> that is relevant. And such a religion which has no name of its own( Hindu
>> is
>> a word given by others) because it is open to all cannot have a
>> non-secular
>> agenda. For Vedanta is by
> its very nature secular(Remember what Krishna says
>> in the Bhagavad Gita,"Wherever you see extraordinary holiness, know that
>> I
>> AM THERE" which includes extraordinary holiness of all religions & saints
>> &
>> mystics of all religions). Hence, the idea of Hindu Rastra is a
>> nonsensical
>> idea in my opinion probably rational only in the opinion of fanatics.
>>     From: Victor Cooper <>
>>  To:
>>  Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 4:46 AM
>>  Subject: Re: [HumJanenge]  WHY WE NEED A HINDU RASHTRA?
>> Its not just Ms Banerjee. Rahul Gandhi, DV Singh, Mulyam, Lallu.
> .... its
>> the whole lot. They do not seek votes on the basis of merit, but on the
>> basis of narrow sectarian issues.
>> --- On Mon, 7/16/12, abhijit ghosh
>>  <> wrote:
>> From: abhijit ghosh <>
>> Subject: Re: [HumJanenge]  WHY WE NEED A HINDU RASHTRA?
>> To: "" <>
> Date: Monday, July 16, 2012,
>>  2:34 AM
>> You must see the West Bengal Chief Minister in the garb of a Muslim Lady
>> pampering to the whims of the vote bank (read the Muslims). It seems that
>> she carries the head scarve whenever she is in the company of Muslim
>> Groups.
>> She has even gifted the Muslim clergy with a monthly allowance of
>> Rs.2500/-
>> and Government accomodation for giving AAzan from the mosques. Can
>> anybody
>> beat this hypocracy?
>> From: Col Thakur Singh <>
>> Sent: Mon, 16 Jul 2012 01:27:48
>> To: Babu Suseelan <>, Kumar Arun
>> <>,
>> Subject: [HumJanenge] WHY WE NEED A HINDU RASHTRA?
>> Hi
>> Yes I agree with you.
>> Tell me , what amendment is required to be done in our constitution for
>>  the
>> change.
>> There must be a particular term to replace , 'SECULAR ', with appropriate
>> one and becoming a religious state.
>> Regards
>> Col Thakur Singh
>> 919873379995
>> President,
>> Jan Sangh Party
>> (HP)
>> On Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 10:57 AM, Babu Suseelan
>> <>
>> wrote:
>> Having spent most of my life abroad, and viewing and analyzing India from
>> a
>> distance, I was confronted with the good, the bad and ugliness of Indian
>> politics.
>> DECALARE INDIA AS A HINDU RASHTRA.  This is the only one cure for the
>> plague
>> of cynicism, Islamic terrorism, and appeasement of Muslims, internal
>> disturbances created by subversive agents, anti Indian attitude of the
>> media, political corruption, lack of economic progress, and crises
>> created
>> by regional, criminal politicians, and inefficiency and corruption in the
>> bureaucracy. Our enemies have
> injected so many thought viruses in Indian
>> political life.  The only cure for the illness and the only way out of
>> the
>> mess is to declare India as a Hindu Rashtra.
>> From Kashmir to Kerala, the government is mismanaging the economy, public
>> funds are diverted to Muslims and Christians, and coercive religious
>> conversion is encouraged and supported. Instead of moving the country
>> forward, the central government controlled by the uneducated Italian
>> catholic lady Antonio Maino and many state governments (Except Gujarat)
>> work
>> against the interests of the majority Hindus.
>> The Media, instead of unmasking the hypocrisy of corrupt, criminal
>> politicians, subversive organizations, individuals who act as subversive
>> agents who create and deepen the crises in India, endorse and support the
>> patrician politics that divide the nation.  For years, our
> media contributed
>> to the climate of corruption, subversive activities polarizing the
>> nation,
>> and helped to spread the contentious and dangerous messages of Muslims
>> and
>> anti national groups.
>> The Media supports "politics of destruction". The print and TV media also
>> invite and promote corrupt, criminal politicians, subversive groups and
>> anti
>> national, anti Hindu groups on the news and talk show programs for the
>> simple reason that it brings applause from our enemies.
>> Naming India as a Hindu Reshtra will explode the conventional wisdom.
>> Hindus
>> from Kashmir to Kerala have a role to play. If large enough members of
>> Hindu
>> community demand a Hindu Rashtra, India's criminal and corrupt
>> politicians
>> have to heed to their demands. The Hindus have to challenge criminal,
>> anti
>> India, anti Hindu
> politicians to do better and make them do better for
>> Hindus and the Hindu Rashtra.
>> To be honest, the crises Hindus face is now so deep and transformation
>> required is so fundamental that real change can sometime feel almost
>> impossible. How do we keep Hindus move with the slogan "HINDU RASHTRA"
>> into
>> a reality? We need to force Hindus into real freedom.  Only free people
>> can
>> move away from cynicism into optimism.
>> When Theodor Herzl in late 1895 coined the term  Der Jeden Staat (Jewish
>> State), he was ridiculed, insulted, and called him a delusional misfit.
>> Instead of all negative publicity, Theodor Herzl was successful in
>> creating
>> a Zionist movement which resulted in the birth of a Jewish state in 1948.
>> Herzl's slogans provided the settings at which Jewish politicians could
>> work
>> hard to establish Israel, and the only Jewish state in the
> world. Now Jews
>> around the world supports the Jewish state. Zionism support Jews
>> upholding
>> their Jewish identity and opposes Jewish discrimination, exclusion, and
>> persecution around the world.
>> Jewish people have been forced to wander around the world for more than
>> 2000
>> years. Without any Jewish state, Muslims and Christians, through a
>> combination of anti Jewish attitudes and measures have been
>> discriminating,
>> and even killing Jewish people. Now, a total of 15 million Jewish people
>> exist in the world. But they are a powerful force to be reckoned with.
>> With
>> 7.5 billion Islamic people with 71 Islamic nations could not wipe out
>> tiny
>> democratic, progressive peace loving and pluralist Israel. Israel is
>> committed to Cultural identity, commitment for pluralistic values, and
>> respect for freedom and positive outlook, economic progress and
>> democracy.
> These democratic values, freedom and progress are possible only with
> Hindus
>> declaring India as a Hindu Rashtra. Naming India as a Hindu Rashtra may
>> generate both positive and negative comments and images and expectations
>> from friends and foes.
>> Our own hope has been dramatically renewed by recent conference organized
>> by
>> Hindu Janjagrathi at Goa. It seems Hindus are slowly waking up from the
>> slumber by the miraculous work by Tapan Ghosh and Radheshyam Brahmachari
>> in
>> West Bengal, Hindu Aykavedi in Kerala, and Hindu Munnani in Tamilnadu and
>> Hindu organizations in different parts of India is working for a Hindu
>> Rashtra.  More important, these Hindu movements offer a campaign plan.
>> Intellectuals and prominent professional luminaries from different parts
>> of
>> the world have written and expatiated the abstract concept, the
>> functional
>> concept,
> strategies and action plan for a Hindu rastra. Tapan Ghosh and
>> Brahmachari (Calcutta), Dr. Bala Aiyer (Houston) Bhagavat Goel (New
>> Delhi)
>> V. Sundaram (Chennai), Deivamuthu (Mumbai) Aryan Kstsris, and Arish
>> Sahani
>> (New York) Dr. Subramaniya Swami (New Delhi) Swami Jyothi (Bangalore) Dr.
>> Togadia (New Delhi) Sarvarkar Vinayak (London) have written and advocated
>> all Hindus to build around  a set of creative ideas, to get Hindus
>> moving.
>> Hindus can now say that Hindu Rashtra is not a slogan but a concrete
>> reality. Whenever we feel stuck, paralyzed, intimidated, or overwhelmed,
>> whenever we feel helpless and hopeless, we need to understand, that our
>> situation is never as static as it may appear to be.  Hope
>>  always involves that breaking open of new possibilities from seemingly
>> hopeless circumstances. We know too well the death and mayhem resulting
> from
>> nefarious activities of the bogus secular, criminal, corrupt anti
>> national,
>> anti Hindu politicians. We know the destruction caused by atheist, phony
>> secularists who relentlessly work against Hindus and for appeasing
>> Muslims
>> and our enemies. We have to include in our activities and in our
>> deliberations ways to overcome the destruction caused by the anti
>> national
>> political parties. We need to plant seeds of change in every Hindu who
>> are
>> indoctrinated and brainwashed to act like zombies for our enemies.
>> Unlike Islam, Marxism, and Christianity Hindu Dharma is a closed dogma
>> and
>> we do not have any sect or way of worship or one Messiah, or one prophet.
>> Hindus have different Panthas or ways of worship. We respect and approve
>> the
>> Vedic system, Buddhist system, Jainism, Sikhism, Vaishnava, Shaiva,
>> Shakta,
>> Ligayat, Arya Samaj, Brahma Samaj and these
> special ways reach the truth.
>> Hindus respect and approve Bhakti Marga, Jnana Marga, and Karma Marga
>> according to one's intellectual and physical inclination, capacity and
>> nature. According to Dr. Radhakrishnan Hinduism is not a closed dogma or
>> sect but it is a great commonwealth who believe in Dharma and truth who
>> seek
>> Vasudeva Kudambakham.
>> Hindus call our way of life as santhan Dharma. Hindu Dharma promotes
>> freedom, democracy, pluralism, and respect nature and wholeness of all
>> living and non- living entities. Our great Rishis have developed
>> different
>> thought system and means to achieve equanimity, patience, health,
>> forgiveness, control of mind, purity of thought and action, peace,
>> progress,
>> development of the intellect, knowledge and transcendental achievement.
>> The concept of Rshtra is nothing new. It can be found in Rig Veda. From
>> ancient
> days to modern times, Hindu Rashtra was in existence. Eminent
>> personalities have again and again insisted that Bharat Bhumi is
>> punyaBhumi
>> and now the time has come that Hindus around the world must join together
>> and declare Bharat as a HINDU RASHTRE.
>> Hindu Rashtra may polarize ant national, anti Hindu people. Social issues
>> may be created by our enemies. It is likely that these issues will come
>> before Hindus. These issues only add fuel to an already explosive climate
>> created by our distracters.  Hindus must face it, confront it and resolve
>> social issues that may be created by ant Hindu forces. Hindus have to
>> work
>> together for a change. Hindus have too many enemies who want to destroy
>> us
>> from within and without. Hindus should not be reluctant to take the first
>> step to declare Bharat as a Hindu Rashtra. Does anyone believe that it is
>> not a good
> thing?
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