Monday, May 29, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] Dismiss this stupid COAS "Rawat"

Also to the list owner, i see the place has become too full with folks who are too full with themselves. I dont want to be among the blinds being led by blinds and deafs who "dance to their beats."

Could you please suggest an easier way to unsubscribe to this group? 

On May 29, 2017 9:06 PM, "Debashish Haar" <> wrote:
Mr Vijay Shivdasani,

With due respect could you please then enlighten us what exactly happened, and i assume your core competence makes you an authority in the subject.


On May 29, 2017 9:02 PM, "Vijay Shivdasani" <> wrote:
Sorry--I don't think you know what you are talking about! You should be behind bars for suggesting what you have.
Pls stick to your core competence

Vijay Shivdasani

On Mon, May 29, 2017 at 12:33 AM, Rajinder Dalvi <> wrote:
A Kashmiri goes to vote in troubled times; braving the scorn of his
fellowmen (who mostly want to secede from India), and the response of
the Indian Army's officer is to tie him up, and drive him around for 5
hours on the bonnet of a jeep. Then the COAS commends his junior for
this blatant assault on democracy while the CoI is underway.

If Farooq Ahmed Dar is indeed a "terrorist" and/or "ringleader" (both
words being included as Unparliamentary ones) then Army should either
arrest Dar, or summon him as a witness in the court of inquiry against
Gogoi, or else eliminate him in a staged encounter as is usually done
in J&K (eg. Pathrabal) and then conduct a proforma CoI/CM.

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