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Re: [IAC#RG] "A-team" of Congress and "B-team" of BJP

The AAP was initially funded by Congress and composed of part time workers (paid volunteers) from RSS, Babas (Ramdev, Agnivesh) had a major role in bringing people to venues.

Anna hazare was nobody then and was brought in by Govindacharya, Krian Bedi, Prashant Bhushan and Madhu kishwar (ie. the BJP related persons). It was because Kejriwal had a shrill girlish hysterical voice (like Indira Gandhi) which was not sounding good on television and he was a poor communicator then that Hazare was brought in.

Kejriwal never had respect for Anna, and never treated him as guru. That was only for media and cameras. Otherwise they ware always insulting Anna and Kejriwal was upset that Anna was taking the spotlight away from him and he hated Kiran Bedi for it.

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If AK expels all from Congress and BJP what will be left with AAP? May be some with left idology as in Punjab or Educated but unemployed/unemployables with aspirations to be leaders or from builders lobby to cover up their tracks. But none of them with any experience of governance and yesmen for AK.

Whatever your view is of Anna Hazare, the fact remains that AK had accepted him as his Guru and acquired the public face through that Aandolan. What was AK,s political/public persona till then?

J,K, Gaur

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While the well known corruption within Aam Aadmi Party is slowly emerging, you are overlooking the far larger corruption in the BJP.

When will we have a similar post/s about Narendra Modi, Nitin Gadkari, Venkiah Naidu, Piyush Goyal etc

You must look at this in the larger context of BJP and Congress being old allies in corruption..

On Sat, May 13, 2017 at 11:09 PM, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
Aam Aadmi Party is enjoying a well deserved kick in the butt (aka "reality check") from the BJP rascals long embedded within their party.

Although we shall never forget the double dealing of Arvind Kejriwal to save the Congress rogues and BJP scoundrels involved in the CommonWealt Games megaloot of 2010, we are glad that the captain of the "A-team" of Congress and "B-team" of BJP party has continued the course to expel from AAP all the BJP spies embedded within Aam Aadmi Party, starting with Agnivesh, then Ramdev, then Anna Hazare, then the Bhushans alongwith assorted BJP camp followers like Ajit Jha, Anand Kumar etc, and now expected to culminate in expulsions of Kapil Mishra, Col. Sehrawat etc.and hopefully also Kumar Vishwaas, Sanjay Singh, Dilip Pande, Satyendar Jain etc who are all bringing AAP into disrepute and causing electoral defeats for AAP one after another.

However, the question voters of Delhi are all wondering about is  - When will AAP expel Ashish Talwar, Madan Lal and all the other paidayishi Congressi's within AAP ? Or are these people only being retained so that a maha-gathbandhan with Congress will save AAP in 2019 the same way it did Akhilesh Yaday in 2017 ?


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