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                                               REMEMBERING  KAMARAJ, FORMER CHIEF MINISTER OF TAMIL NADU

Cross section of people in Tamil Nadu celebrated the birth anniversary of Kamaraj on 15th July,2018 with dignity and feelings of gratitude for the services rendered by the great man to Tamil Nadu and the country and for his setting up a bench mark for quality governance in Tamil Nadu 

Both Kamaraj and Kakkan were born in very poor families and gained respect and prominence in public life by exhibiting qualities of simplicity and sincere devotion to the cause of the country. 

When Kamaraj was the Chief Minister and Kakkan was the minister in his cabinet, both of them discharged their duties and responsibilities with high level of personal honesty. The probity in public life which they exhibited throu oghout their life and as ministers was of highest class. 

With the honesty of purpose and sustained interest in the welfare of the deprived section of the society, many schemes were implemented successfully and in time ,which was possible due to the absence of any vested interests and absence of corruption at the political level. 

Today, those in the age group of sixty and above who have seen Kamaraj and Kakkan and who have experienced the benefits of their quality leadership and administration, feel extremely sad to see the conditions today in Tamil Nadu, where corruption has become the order of the day and more than one third of men population in Tamil Nadu have become liquor addicts. 

Of course, even in the days of Kamaraj as Chief Minister, he was heavily criticized and abused by the leaders of the Dravidian parties for no valid reason. While C.N.Annadurai was dignified in criticizing him , it was not so in the case of other leaders of the Dravidian party . But, people in Tamil Nadu looked at the abuses with the contempt that they deserve. 

Decline in the quality of governance and probity in public life started in Tamil Nadu after the passing away of C.N.Annadurai, who was the Chief Minister only for a very short period. 

Ever since then, the decline in the standards of politicians and government machinery have been steady and though it has already reached disturbingly low level, many wonder whether it would further go down to catastrophic level. 

Today, many politicians in Tamil Nadu at various levels, who have never taken up any job or involved themselves in any worthwhile profession to earn their livings, are now leading luxurious life style with huge wealth and property , though they have no known sources of income. Quite a number of them are chancellors and pro chancellors of universities with their sons and daughters waiting to succeed them. Learned professors are saluting them. 

Today, in Tamil Nadu, politics has become such a lucrative profession that every member of the leader of the political party want to enter politics with tacit encouragement from the families. Now,new political parties are emerging at disturbingly frequent level, with politicians as founders ,who have nothing to claim as their own except the ill gotten money. 

Under the circumstances, it is not surprising that people who have seen the days of Kamaraj and Kakkan feel extremely disturbed at the present state of affairs and they wonder whether Tamil Nadu can get back the glorious days of Kamaraj and Kakkan at all. 

When Kamaraj and Kakkan passed away , they had no significant property or wealth and Kamaraj had only a few shirts and dhoties with currency of around Rs. 100 or so. One can readily see the difference these days if we look at today's politicians, who can go nowhere near Kamaraj and Kakkan for their standards of thoughts and actions. 

Have we already lost Tamil Nadu as a place of glory and dignity that it was once known for. 

Nandini Voice for The Deprived

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