Tuesday, July 10, 2018


You are right but by the time, awareness at this rate reaches the majority, it may be too late.

AAP took lot of time and a concerted effort to contest n win elections in Delhi but other places where is it?  AAP agenda was to have its leader as CM. Have they lived up to achieve what they projected? Will any Party / well meaning group of people  ever will be able to provide spotless and honest governance unless the basic mentality of Indians  changes?
U and me are very small fish in this  field. The big corrupt fish will finish us so we need to tread very carefully. 

Do not intend to discourage any well meaning people like Convenor and others.

God Bless and Best of luck.

Lt Col V K Johar ( Veteran)

On Wed, Jul 11, 2018, 10:44 Radha Krishnan RN <rnrkrish@gmail.com> wrote:
Creation of an awareness has to be attempted , no doubt. History reveals none at the helms of affairs have been honest and sincere to the extent the citizens expect.

Te question is what best mechanism can there be that can contain the corruption to the level the common man is not burdened at all.

I have been voting for NOTA and recommend that we must promote NOTA as a powerful tool to bring about some desirable change in the nomination of candidates.

Regards RN Radhakrishnan

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