Wednesday, September 12, 2018

[IAC#RG] Modi Goivt takes 2 years to decide if NRIPENDRA MISRA is corrupt or not

Dear IACians

The Modi Govt is so steeped in the corruption of crony capitalism, brazen thefts and fire-sales of public assets to their Gujarati bania-Jain carpetbagger cronies that nowadays it takes them 2 years to reply to formal public grievances on such corruptions.

It is an open secret that pliable retired Vivekananda Foundation fixers like Nripendra Misra were jobbed in by Mr. Modi in contravention of all safeguard norms to put in place a regime of institutionalised corruption centralised at the PMO to sell off our prize public assets to Mr. Modi's crony friends from Gujarat at throwaway prices. [link]

For the amusement of our members, I am reproducing below the reply received after 2 years to my PGPORTAL grievance no LGVED/E/2016/00204  which I received by email today.

NB: Incidentally there is no denial therein that Shri Misra is a corrupt officer who bypasses statutory procedures and provisions.


Grievance Status for registration number : LGVED/E/2016/00204

Grievance Concerns To

Name Of Complainant  Er Sarbajit Roy
Date of Receipt  27/10/2016
Received By Ministry/Department Legislative Department

Grievance Description
Kindly refer my previous complaint with Registration Number : LGVED/E/2015/00156 and reply letter in File No. 11(1)/2015 L.I.(Vol.1) dt. 18.December.2015 by Shri K.V.Kumar (Dy. Legislative Counsel). I am caused to complain afresh, with a new cause of action, in this matter, ie. mischievous news reports published in national media, eg. Indian Express of 7.October.2016 titled as 'Prakash Javadekar does what Smriti Irani didn't, Agrees to free IIMs via new Bill' and subtitled as 'According to sources in the Law Ministry, the HRD Ministry has now moved a supplementary Cabinet note proposing three more changes to the Bill.' Accordingly, and pursuant to my emails and visit therafter to MHRD at on 26.10.2016 I am now caused to complain that the Ministry of Human Resource Development has misled and deceived your Department on the issue of their compliance with National PreLegislative Consultation Policy (NPLCP) in respect of draft Indian Institute of Management Bill. Kindly note that as per advise of Shri K.V.Kumar, I had filed RTI with the MHRD requesting to confirm specific and pointed details of the NPLCP compliance in respect of my own comments as well as those of other responding stakeholders and the actions taken thereafter. However, the CPIO/(RTI Act) has declined to provide me the information requested on various pretexts. I am highly aggrieved that MHRD and Law Ministry are not complying with letter and spirit of NPLCP for this IIM Bill. It seems to me that that there is great secrecy to enable corruption to ensue so that these elitist Management Institutes can be privatised in a corrupt and non-transparent manner without caring 2 hoots for NPLCP. It seems that such policies like NPLCP are only a figleaf and hollow formality for enabling Govt corruption, and being apparently unenforceable are a sham and device devised to fool the public. It is curious that Legislative Dept which is entrusted with monitoring NPLCP compliance seems to be ignoring its mandate to ensure NPLCP compliance while this brazen theft of national institutions is taking place. From the media reports, It is not clear to me how or why the the Law Ministry is selectively leaking information into media space for Draft IIM Bill. Since I am yet to see any rebuttal or rejoinder issued by Central Govt to these media reports, it is not clear to me how the beneficiaries of this brazen theft are privy to what is transpiring inside your Ministry when concerned citizens are being denied the same information under RTI applications. I am further aggrieved that despite so many secret and nontransparent sweeping changes in the draft bill after it was put out for public comments, another fresh round of consultations is not being done for the ordinary stakeholders to respond to anew. This is a clear example of crony capitalism and complete rot in govt when such fixers and carpet baggers have the free run of our Central Ministries. I am further aggrieved, as a responding stakeholder, how the beneficiaries and their lobbyists are able to access a hugely corrupt officer like Shri Nripendra Misra, who was himself appointed under dubious ordinance, to get their work done through the backdoor of the PMO. Considering all of the above, distinctly and without prejudice, I am calling upon the Legislative Department to do its business diligently, transparently and withour fear or favour in matter of ensuring compete and demonstrable NPLCP compliance in matter of draft IIM Bill.

Current Status  Case closed
Date of Action 12/09/2018
Remarks The subject matter pertains to Department of Higher Education.

Officer Concerns To
Officer Name
Shri R.K.Sharma
Officer Designation
Section Officer
Contact Address
412 A-wing, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi
Email Address
Contact Number

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