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Re: [IAC#RG] Political Roadmap

Dear Amaresh

Your logic is fallacious and runs something like this

1) Mangal Pandey was a Brahmin
2) Brahmins led 1857
3) Your ancestor Bhagirath Misra was a Brahmin from Unnao
4) You claim to be a Brahmin
5) You have written some book on 1857, and so profess yourself to be an expert on the subject of revolution
6) You claim that Muslims of UP will bow to Sanatinist Dharma in the revolution and annoint a Brahmin (Rahul Gandhi ???) as leader of this revolution.

What you have left out is the following

A) Mangal Pandey was a sepoy in the Bengal forces of the East India Company, and (by his own statement at his court inquiry) high on bhang and ganja at the time.
B) The incident happened in Barrackpore (Kolkata, Bengal)  and not in UP and nowhere near Unnao.
C) The 1857 revolution was ignited, spread throughout Upper India, and was very well financed, by my highly patriotic Bengali (Brahmin) family, not yours, in the same way that the fictitious Nirbhaya "gangrape" was used to scuttle Congress and bring BJP and Kejriwal to power.
D) The Congreess Party, in which you are some sort of minor apparatchik, had nothing do do with 1857, so don't take credit for what is not yours.

When there is a revolution here, it will be bloody and modelled on the French, Chinese, and Soviet ones or else be enacted like all those in the Middle East which our foolish Sanatanist Hindus are cheering the US for engineering, not realising that we are next in line.

BTW: If you want to discuss/praise Brahminism (I don't want to and never do) you can start with your Party President Shri Rahul Gandhi's astonishing (and frankly idiotic) claims that he is a) a Hindu, and/or b) a Brahmin by caste. The present reality of Congress Party in Uttar Pradesh (see point 6 above) is that Congress under Mr. Gandhi is not even fit to shine Ms.Mayawati's designer shoes, and most Muslims (and Brahmins) in UP know it.



On Sun, Sep 16, 2018 at 1:54 PM, Amaresh Misra <> wrote:
Sarabjit, you are an idiot. Brahmins led 1857. Not only did Mangal Pandey fire the first bullet, 3 out of 5 Hindu members of the 10 member revolutionary council that ran the revolutionary Govt of Bahadur Shah Zafar were Brahmins. One major name was Bhagirath Misra of Unnao He was my ancestor. I am the author of 'War of Civilisations: India 1857', the only exhaustive (2 volume, 2000 pg) work on 1857 by an Indian. My book covers martyrs of all castes--Dalit, OBC, Jat, Gujar, Brahmins, Rajputs, Sikhs, Muslims--as well of all regions from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu. The leading ideology of 1857 was an alliance between Sanatan Dharma and Waliullahism--the ideology of Shah Waliullah. You can also say the alliance between Sanatan Dharma and Islam. Any modern revolution in India will follow 1857 and has to be based among the peasantry of UP. Naturally, all castes and creeds will participate. But Sanatan Dharma will remain the guiding ideology--as it is the guiding ideology of the UP peasantry. 

On Sat, 15 Sep 2018, 21:58 Sarbajit Roy, <> wrote:
Dear Amaresh

You are badly confused. It is the Sanatani Hindus who are totally for the status quo, and it makes no difference to a Sanatanist if BJP, Congress or AAP or even Swaraj Party. (in any combination) rule India.

Now, if your hero Shri Rahul Gandhi wants to play act at being a Hindu (any kind of Hindu, even a Sanatani one), then he will have to publicly explain to the real Hindu voters the basis for publicly claiming to be a Brahmin by caste, and who his Hindu parent(s) actually were since one Ms. Menaka Gandhi has stated in court that her husband Sanjay Gandhi was a Parsee, and Mr. Rahul Gandhi's new advisor Mr. Surjewala (an advocate I believe) can explain why the Congress Party refuses to abide by the law of the land and accept multiple RTIs from me on these burning questions which affect my personal electoral decisions as a (non-Sanatani) Brahmic Hindu in a so-called democracy.

Surely it would be trivial for Mr. Rahul Gandhi to put his Hindu parent's Hindu Marriage Act registration certificate into the public domain where we can all see it for ourselves.

Otherwise, I think we can close this issue very simply - the foreign imposed arch-traitor Mohandas Gandhi was a self-described Sanatanist (ie. Satanist) Hindu and all those who claim his legacy, like BJP, Congress, AAP etc are equally all corrupt status-quoist political parties from whom we citizens can expect nothing good for the nation eccept more of their foreign sponsored imperialist policies.

When, not if, the change does come, it will be violent, it will be revolutionary and it will spare none. India is heading for civil war if these divisive Sanatani Governments continue on. So, be prepared (and keep your powder dry and your guns handy). THAT is the political roadmap I foresee.

BTW : Congress had nothing to do with 1857. It was financed and devised by our movements.


On Fri, Sep 14, 2018 at 6:13 PM, Amaresh Misra <> wrote:

                            PART I

In an act of blatant, electoral rigging--EVMs stopped functioning after 6 rounds when ABVP was trailing against NSUI--ABVP just won DUSU elections (3 posts out of 4).

It is a big, unexpected set back, contrary to the anti-BJP mood in the country and the massive defeat of ABVP in nearly all student union elections in late 2017 and 2018.

It is a signal: the beginning of Modi's counter-offensive against his recent decline and a foretaste of how things might pan out in 2019.

This needs to be seen as a dress rehearsal for 2019 General Elections. Congress might still win Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh--or at least two out of three.


Modi's counter offensive began with arrests of intellectuals as #UrbanNaxals. And the sudden, almost arbitrary arrest of Sanjiv Bhatt--a saga that saw the ex-IPS officer being picked up for an obscure, 1996 case; then the lower court refusing police remand asked by the Gujarat Police--BUT THE GUJARAT HIGH COURT GRANTING POLICE REMAND WITHOUT GIVING A CHANCE TO THE DEFENCE. 


Modi wants to keep the discourse tight between his 'psuedo-nationalist', right wing politics and an imaginary threat: Dalit-Left-liberal politics of the 'anti-national', Bhima-Koregaon/Arundhati Roy variety, that extends upto a caricaturish, 'jhola-chaap' view of JNU culture and JNUism.

Modi wants binaries to remain entrenched between an autochonous, Third-World, pro-corporate, pro-Imperialist, military-industrial fascism and a liberalism not rooted in Indian traditions, drawing inspiration from the west, 'Harvard', 'UNO' or caricaturish JNU.



This is the path that Rahul Gandhi and Congress has taken of late...

The brutal fact is that Rahul's temple visits, Mansarovar Yatra, the upper caste-OBC-Sanatani reaction to the SC/ST Act Amendment, and, at a smaller level, the Sanatani Mangal Pandey Statue Installation Movement in UP,  did more damage to Modi's brand of politics (that includes Yogi), than say, rising prices and corruption charges.



The challenge before all secular-democratic forces is not to fall into Modi's trap. We should avoid all forms of political discourses, including liberal ones, that smell of 'westernism', 'urban naxalism' or caricaturish JNUism or wokism.

India has a rich enough tradition of Sanatani dissent, Sanatani centrism and 1857 revolutionary parathesis.


The fight in India is still political--a battle of ideas. But  any lurch towards extremism, or non-Sanatani trends represented by Prashant Bhushan, Gautam Navlakha, Shashi Tharoor, or even Arvind Kejriwal or any abstract, psuedo-liberal, metropolitan, 'English-Medium', anarchist, 'idea of India' is doomed. Liberals can be accommodated. But they cannot offer leadership. 

Regional forces are more rooted. But their history is against them. Modi knows too much about their material and political weaknesses. Also, ideologies of regional forces also draw inspiration from anti-Sanatani sources. This is not going to work.

Congress has a long way to go before it takes back the leadership of Sanatani society. Gandhi, Nehru, Bose and Patel are relevant but need to be updated and re-defined. Muslims need to shed all forms of League or Majlis politics. Muslims need to embrace a contemporary version of the pro-Sanatani flavour of pre-Independence forces in their ranks--forces like Jamiat Ulema Hind that opposed the creation of Pakistan.


There is a class sub-text to what is happening. Western liberalism, urban naxalism, anti-Sanatani ideologies--even Lohiaism, Ambedkarism, and Nehruvianism, Gandhism, Periyarism etc emerged from organic intellectuals and took root amongst peasants, workers and masses. But today, nearly all of them are part of a sedentary elite, culture.

When there is no revolutionary alternative, fascism grows in reaction to ideologies that were once rooted--but now, have become sedantary. The visible legatees of Nehru, Lohia, Ambedkar, Periyar, even EMS Namboodripad, have acquired an aloof air. They are no longer connected to the peasantry.

It is in this atmosphere of ideological crisis that fascism has struck roots--and a new kind of pro-peasant, Sanatani  ideology of 'justice for all' is emerging as a countervailing force. In the post-ideological era, attendant with the collapse of ideologies, it is Sanatani thinking and ideology, which the peasantry holds dear. 

If Congress fails, or even if it is slow, new forces on the Sanatani plank of opposition to Modi will emerge--politics in India has not tolerated a vacuum for long.

If Modi finishes of democracy--well, as I keep mentioning, we always have 1857!

(To be continued)

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