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[rti_india] P&H High Court Directions in CWP no. 20473 of 2011 - for imparting training BEFORE the new Information Commissioners are appointed. [2 Attachments]

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Dear All,

AS PER the order passed by Hon'ble P&H High Court in CWP no. 20473 of 2011 (J.S. Palial v/s State of Punjab), vide order dated 16.11.2011, on page 3/4 (Para 5) court had directed that"

"5. In view of the above, order dated 22.12.2009, cannot be implemented as the aforesaid order is wholly without jurisdiction and is completely misuse of the powers conferred on State Information Commission. The State of Punjab is directed to conduct some orientation courses before appointing any persons especially outside the field of law to trained them with regard to their powers and functions."

4-page judgement is attached herewith  

In this judgement the  Hon'ble P&H High Court had durected the state to conduct some orientation course BEFORE APPOINTING ANY PERSON [as Information Commissioner]. The catch is in the red letters.

01. Can an Information Commissioner be appointed under these directions?
02. How come the government will proved training BEFORE their appointment?
03. If appointed without training, us their appointed valid in view of the  Hon'ble P&H High Court directions?

I am asking this information from the Punjab Government. The RTI Application is attached herewith. 

Please advise Modifications, if any. 



Surendera M. Bhanot

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