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Re: [IAC++] PRESS RELEASE: Anna Hazare booed/expelled by IAC workers in Bhubhaneshwar


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On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 10:14 AM, IAC INFO <> wrote:
Dear IAC Members

The preliminary facts from our fact finding team have started coming in. The initial reports may not have been entirely correct. The facts as being ascertained are as follows.

1) A public meeting with local IAC volunteers to meet and interact with Anna Hazare was arranged by some of IAC's local units for 30 Nov 2012. This meeting had been fixed in August 2012 (before the splits) and had been widely publicised.

2) As is the usual practice, coupons had been printed and sold for photos to be taken with Anna Hazare. 4 official photography agencies had been appointed The prices of the coupons were Rs. 500 for single shot and Rs 1,000 for group shot (group of max 4 persons).

3) About 1200 single shot and 3,400 group shot coupons were pre-sold and there was also a large number of persons who came to the venue without advance booking to have their photo taken after assurance given by photo agencies.

4) The pre-booked receipts were therefore Rupees 6 lakhs from single shot and 34 lakhs from group shots. 50% of this money was to be retained by the photographers and videographers, who also made the arrangements and hall booking, and rest (about Rs. 18 lakhs) was given to IAC local unit who would pay Rs. 4 lakhs to Anna as donation, commissions to volunteers who sold tickets/coupons etc.

5) On 30.Nov there was complete chaos at the hall with too little time for Anna to do the photo-shoots, and various groups of photographers started grabbing the PA system  and began calling their clients to different places and everyone started climbing onto the stage to try and get photo with Anna.The meeting was called off on police advice and  Anna's managers  were given 2 lakhs as advance and it was agreed that the photo shoot would take place on 2.Dec at the Idcol auditorium (arranged by some other group) and 3 hours would be kept only for photo shoots for IAC local unit coupon holders.

6) On 2 Dec Anna had some other meeting in the morning and reached the Idcol Auditorium about 2 hours late. There was some scuffling going on between the journalists in the press enclosure and the photo agencies who were already occupying the same space. There was also a clash between the organisers of the 2nd Dec function and Anna's manager's for allotting time to the IAC coupon holders.

7) Finally when nothing could be done, IAC local unit and the photographers unions took out their anger on Anna'a managers. Anna ran away, and the local police were called in. Anna returned Rs 2 lakhs and after settling the police about Rs 12 lakhs is with the IAC local union. The photographers are refusing to return the money, and local people are fully sympathetic to IAC and understand the situation but are very angry with Anna Hazare for not cooperating. It has been decided to return 20% to those coupon holders who want a refund. We are also guiding persons on how to file cheating cases against Anna Hazare for breach of promise.

This is a summary of the emerging facts. We will update as picture gets clear.

The other aspects about splitting the local IAC unit and land issues also has some considerable truth in it which will be disclosed separately.

Ajay Dixit

On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 11:22 PM, IAC INFO <> wrote:
Dear Shri Pradhan

You are very well known as close associate of Medha Patkar, so your statement has no value. How many times will your network of fake organisations, NAPM, NBA, BVJA, ODRTIM realise that you cannot fool the grassroots level workers who form IAC today or you cannot use BJD workers to act as IAC.

Are You (ie. Annaji , Medhaji etc) not ashamed for taking help from the same BJD whom you criticise at every opportunity except when there is money on the table.

IAC-HQ fact finding team is reaching tomorrow, the picture will be clear then. Too many media has reported that both public meetings of Anna were cancelled due to repeated ongoing violence and factional fighting.

Ajay Dixit
IAC HQ Cyber media coordinator.

On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 10:57 PM, Pradip Pradhan <> wrote:
This is totally rubbish and false statement. I condemn it. No such incident has taken place in Bhubaneswar.

Pradip Pradhan
One of the organising Committee Members

On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 4:15 PM, IAC INFO <> wrote:

You will be pleased to know that our local unit in Bhubhaneshwar (Orissa) rejected Mr. Anna Hazare's attempts to split the unit at a meeting today (2.Dec.2012).

Mr Hazare and a few of his supporters tried to bribe our local leadership and activists, but they were soundly thrashed and made to leave the venue (Idcol Auditorium)

The money in cash has been confiscated, and a complaint has been made to the police.

Ajay Dixit
National Cyber Media Coordinator
India Against Corruption - HQ



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