Thursday, March 10, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Heads Must Roll: Use of Army for Sri Sri’s Event

Just watched an interview of Shri Sri of Art of Living on cnnibn.
A very well intentioned person for sure but I guess when it comes to money we all humans are the same.

Respected Sri ji said that the land needed for this cultural event was huge to the tune of acres by his own admission.

As per him the Army is doing it's duty as so many ppl are expected to turn up at this event which will make lot of noise(the bill boards say so at the site),apart from the disturbance to natural life in the flood plains of River Yamuna.

And as per Sri ji,his lawyers will contest the fine put on them by NGT.
This is all in the name of religion and their philosophy of 'let go'.
The religious head does not want to part with a penny!

In all this culture/religion business one feels that NGT and Indian Army should be PAID as per land use and personnel used for their incomparable services.

Regards to all.

On 10 Mar 2016 04:21, "Sarbajit Roy" <> wrote:
Heads Must Roll: Angry Ex-Col on Use of Army for Sri Sri's Event

Col Subin Balakrishnan (Retd)

(Col Subin Balakrishnan, @beesubin on Twitter, is an ex-Special Forces
officer from the Indian Army with over two decades of experience in
counter-terrorism operations in multiple operational theaters across
the country.)

I am terribly saddened and immensely angered to read that the Indian
Army I served with such fierce pride has been pushed to building
bridges for a culture festival, which is clearly not a state event!

It gets worse when one factors in that these bridges are operational
assets that are meant to be deployed by specialist combat troops in

I'm desperately hoping this news report is false. If it is not, the
General Officer in command who authorised this (quite possibly under
duress) must be held personally liable for bringing disrepute to the
Indian Army.

The reluctance, or worse, the inability to stand up and say NO to what
is clearly an inappropriate request (or order) must be equated with
cowardice as per Army law, and appropriately dealt with. This nation
looks up to our men and women in uniform. We CANNOT let down trust by
bringing disrepute to the very hard earned respect that our countrymen
and women hold for that uniform.

Our men and women in uniform are known for their straight spine. Let
us keep it that way, please.

Once again, if indeed this news report is true, Heads MUST roll !!!

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