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Re: [IAC#RG] Sorry state of media in India

Hi Team,

Valid point raised by Mr. Sandeep Gupta. I have never found any Jat who is not milliner today. If you remember before India Indepandance there was no reservation and that time also we had Politicians, Intellectuals and Bureaucrat from all community. Reservation is virus in our society and it has to be vaccinate or needs surgery.
It has to be removed and give right to equality to all.

Jai Hind

Mritynjoy Thakur

On Sun, 6/3/16, Sandeep gupta <> wrote:

Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] Sorry state of media in India
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Date: Sunday, 6 March, 2016, 10:23 AM

Dear Diwan
Singh Ji,
With due apologies, I differ with you. You may be
right to claim that anti-social elements carried out arson
and blamed one specific community. But I differ with you
when you say that Jats do not know duniyadari and that they
do not get good jobs. I have been living in Haryana for last
more than six years and have not found any office where Jats
are not holding high posts. I have good number of Jats as
friends and most of them admit that the demand of
reservation (at least in Haryana) is not genuine.
I have found a good number of people from all castes
who do menial jobs but are not getting reservation benefits.

On Sun, Mar 6, 2016 at
9:47 AM, Sarbajit Roy <>
Diwan Singh

The fact of the matter is that Jats (a well to do community

constitute around 28%of votes in Haryana) were WRONGLY given

status in 2014 by Congress which was swiftly set aside by

then promised them the joomla of  "Constitutional
amendment" to get

around the SC judgment, this resulted in Modi wave.

Like everything else of BJP, Modi turns out to be wearing

Mallya's discarded suits, boots and hats, and is the new
king of

promising good times at public expense. No wonder Jats
demanded their

pound of flesh. All these recent riots / looting / burning
etc were

carried out by Jats and by nobody else.

PS: We all know very well WHO did not forcefully oppose

parole from Tihar Jail,  so he could be released on parole
on 1 Feb

2016 and could promptly start touring / criss-crossing

agitating his traditional vote banks who were upset by
INLD's neglect

and back-tracking.

If this list has to discuss anything, it should be whether

or not.


On 3/5/16, Diwan Singh <>

> Dear Dua sahab,


> You have doubted who the looters were. Thats correct.
The looted goods are

> found from houses of police officials- one is PSO of
Munish Grover, MLA of

> Rohtak. Goods are found in house of another inspector
as it has come in

> press..  So, you can imagine, if police is involved in
looting, what the

> agitators can do.


> Lets see how it started. While agitation was going
peacefully for 4 days,

> on 5th night police, led by SP rank officer,  enters a
hostel in Rohtak and

> selectively beats up jat students. The police enters
four times over a

> night and do this.  The parents came- same treatment-
I do not know how

> would people react when state itself do violence on
innocents- but what

> happened after that is very much feasible.

> I have videos where the quota agitators have caught
criminals that were

> looting trucks.


> Media is putting a lot of onus on jats inspite of most
evidence of

> violence, arson, looting coming from those who had no
stake in the

> agitation. Khattar may not be leading this state
sponsored violence but he

> was keeping his eyes shut. Rashme Sehgal, a senior
reporter,  has done a

> unbiased coverage. See the link below:



> How the story unfolded 25 years back should be of
interest to all. In 1991,

> yadavs were dominating the politics with Mulayam Singh
and Lalu joining

> hands with VP Singh. The National Commission for
backward classes (NCBC)

> with a strategy to oust jats from the OBC list,
selectively  visited

>  Patiala and Bharatpur and stated that this community
belongs to ruling

> class.  The lay jat working in fields of Haryana, West
UP, Delhi were

> ignored. Yadavs managed to keep 27% quota to
themselves. Since then its

> Yadavs who have enjoying this entire 27% of OBC quota,
with some more

> classes who can barely compete with Yadavs. The recent
SC petiton to strike

> down the quota to jats was by a Yadav.  It was not a
stay  to say that jats

> do not deserve to be in OBC, but on basis of a
procedural flaw by previous

> Congress Govt.


> Since these 25 years Jats have been struggling
peacefully to get the quota

> for them. Once 2 lakh people assembled at Ram Lila
Maidan- but all efforts

> ignored.

> Jats are a working class community and not really smart
in *duniyadari*.

> Just see how many you may find in offices at post
beyond *chaprasis*

> Yet,the clamor for quota was not so much. The main
reason behind this

> agitation has less to do with quota, but with BJP's
game plan to play one

> caste against other. BJP preferred to fight state
election on basis of jats

> vs non-jats. Thats a progress, a step ahead  from
Hindu- Muslim divisive

> politics the BJP is accustomed to. Then, Mr Modi let
loose a Mr. Raj Kumar

> Saini, MP to give inflammatory speeches against jats
for through out the

> year. It barely ever happened in India that caste based
speeches are given

> like this. But, BJP has started this too, and have
created new divisons in

> society.


> Jats are also wondering why the BJP govt wants to
reserve entire  OBC quota

>  for Yadavs. After all, this community is  voting
enbloc SP in UP, and RJD

> in Bihar. Well, its for BJP to play the game. Jats are
now shifting to ally

> with Muslims and Dalits, its almost declared. Though
jats were never

> supporters of RSS, they would now hound out the RSS
from villages.


> In nutshell, its BJP all the way doing the damage. I
had never believed

> earlier about BJP's dirty politics, but can sense
it entirely now. And, it

> is Mr Modi who leads the pack. Its part of his
strategies to play castes

> one against the other that he adopted in Gujrat,
Maharastra, and now

> Haryana.


> Diwan Singh


> Member, Dwarka Water Bodies Committee

> Yamuna Satyagraha

> Ridge Bachao Andolan

> Campaign for Preservation of Commons



> On Fri, Mar 4, 2016 at 11:53 AM, R. Dua <>


>> Though one agrees that the Nehruvian Utopia feeling
is good, but surely

>> it

>> belongs to the '70s or latest the '80s.

>> The Press was pti or dd/ driven during that time.

>> Lack of awareness and living in our family groups
made us feel good, no

>> doubt.


>> Okay so we believe Shri Diwan ji as we hold him in
high respect.


>> The question now in all our minds is why did the so
called quota'

>> agitationists', for want of a better word..Why
they did not STOP the

>> looters.

>> That is if looters were not the

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