Sunday, June 4, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] Dismiss this stupid COAS "Rawat"

Dear Dr. Elangbam

We shall probably find that I have as much "Assamese" blood as you possess.
(paternal side to Gunabhiram Baruah, maternal side to Lakshminath
Bezbaruah family) so let us not drag state parochialisms into this as
it may draw comments from other members that the very backwardness /
alleged intellectual inferiority of this "Ahom boy" has caused this
situation which the COAS / top brass have no choice but to defend now.

As far as I am concerned and AFAIK both Major Gogoi and Farooq Ahmed
Dar are Hindustani's and the law applies to them equally.

Finally, nobody has made "fun" of the Indian Army / officers on our
forum, we will not allow it. At the same time, the emails you
circulated outside the forum concerning another member (which were not
circulated by us to IAC's members) are not expected from a doctor of

BTW, what is your opinion on India acquiesing to grant "shared
sovereignity" to Nagas ?

Sarbajit Roy

On 6/4/17, kameswar elangbam <> wrote:
> I am deadly against anyone who is making fun and demean the actions of Maj
> Gogoi, no matter WHO they think of themselves.
> I will go further to the extent that these people has been outsmarted by an
> Ahom Boy from the backward North East Assam.
> Come on be true to yourself I am sure you indeed appreciate his actions
> Dr K S Elangbam,
> Shillong
> On 4 Jun 2017 22:38, "Sarbajit Roy" <> wrote:
>> Actually there are 2 "Farooq Ahmed Dars of Kashmir", and you may have
>> been confused between them.
>> farooq-ahmed-dars-of-kashmir
>> The more notorious one (Bitta Karate) is a some kind of IB/ISI stool
>> pigeon and double/triple agent. Perhaps that is why even Major Gogoi
>> got confused (error of fact) due to faulty intel and hog-tied/paraded
>> the namesake.
>> Incidentally, in this video of Gogoi, he is noticeably nervous and
>> evidently lying about Dar-II (at 3:30 in the video)
>> On 6/1/17, Prakash Katoch <> wrote:
>> > *Innocent Man?
>> >
>> tied-indian-army-jeep-closer-look-farooq-ahmed-dar/
>> > <
>> tied-indian-army-jeep-closer-look-farooq-ahmed-dar/>*
>> >

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