Thursday, June 15, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] MODERATION NOTICE - Abuse will not be tolerated by IAC

This is a welcome step indeed because it was revolting to see the
lumpenization within the ex-servicemen ranks and their rabid/Pavolvian
responses to any criticism of the armed forces or their current hero

The unspoken message here is that our armed forces have long been
conditioned to view all Indian Muslims as either Pakistanis or
traitors or both and dealt with accordingly. It would have been far
better if Major Gogoi did the job he was trained, paid and called in
for - ie. to first warn the mob and then open fire on anybody
disregarding his authority, instead of pansywansying on about how many
live he allegedly saved. Major Gogoi has brought dishonour and
disgrace on the Army by exposing it to international ridicule as a
weak and ineffective force reluctant to use the restrained violence we
are supposed to inflict by our regulations.

On 6/15/17, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
> To all IAC subscribers
> The India Against Corrution is a patriotic movement which is deeply
> committed to the Hindustani nation and its institiutions and
> especially our armed forces and its traditions.
> No disrespect to our armed forces or to our members will be tolerated
> by misusing our resources.
> Abuse, especially politically couched abuse, of comments posted by our
> members will not be tolerated either. We do not permit the sort of
> trolling which is commonplace nowadays on most social media sites to
> silence non-mainstream views, so please don't try it here.
> Because this is not a social media site (and posting to the list is a
> privilege), a few subscribers who have tried to send emails of a
> highly abusive nature via our list have been removed from the IAC to
> maintain our standards of being a clean and decent forum where decent
> free speech of all forms is.greatly valued
> sincerely
> Sarbajit Roy

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