Saturday, February 10, 2018

[IAC#RG] BJP policies and North Indians are ruining my state says their Goa Minister / alliance partners

Reports coming in from GOA indicate that even their alliance partners are extremely unhappy by the corrupt approach of BJP in planning, regulation and development.

North Indians making Goa another Haryana, says minister

PANAJI: Goa's town and country planning minister Vijai Sardesai said here on Friday that the domestic tourists visiting the state were 'scum of the earth'. "Today, we have almost six times the population coming into Goa. Those tourists are not the top-end tourists, but scum of the earth," Sardesai said.

He said the heavy influx of north Indian tourists was making it difficult for the state to address the issue of garbage. "We cannot make Goa another Gurugram. The north Indian states are responsible for the problems that Goa has today. The people coming from those states actually want to recreate Haryana in Goa," he said.

INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION opines that this is exactly what the present BJP administration at the Centre is doing in Delhi by their corrupt Master Plan amendments to save polluting traders who have destroyed Delhi, reducing it into this massive garbaged slum everywhere except where the babus, judges and

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