Friday, February 16, 2018

[IAC#RG] IAC role in exposing rogue diamond traders and beef exporter hawala operators

To: All dear IAC friends

Although I cannot divulge all the details now, IAC had a significant role in exposing the rogue diamond traders and beef exporter hawala operators. This is a scam of the highest order and its modus operandi identical to the methods used by Harshad Mehta etc and all stock market manipulators after him. Decade after decade we see our PSU banks being milked for stock market manipulations, obviously with the connivance of the highest levels of the Finance Ministry.

It is high time that the BJP threw out enablers of these scams like Arun Jaitley, Hasmukh Adhia and Urjit Patel onto the garbage heap they deserve to be in.

On a minor note, I can disclose that IAC's complaints against Kiran Bedi's (diamond exports) and Anna Hazare's (beef exports) NGO funders were a small but important part in exposing anti-national forces embedded within the BJP establishment.

As a result of our efforts, the (dwindling) clean forces within the Hindutva spaces have asked me to energise the Hindu Samaj (community) and I have accordingly also accepted charge of the historic Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Somaj movement which was founded in 1849 in Kolkatta and from which the Hindu Mahasabha emerged.

HRA members on this channel may recall that in the 100th (centenary) of the Hindu Samaj celebrations in Calcutta, which was held in very tense environment in Dec 1949 due to Hindu-Muslim influx/refugee problem after partition, Shri Ashutosh Lahiri (Chairman, Hindu Mahasabha) gave renewed call for Akhand Hindustan (united Hindustan) to which HRA, IAC and all Hindustani people are fully committed in spirit of secularism and to oppose all communal forces who are puppets for foreigners.


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