Wednesday, February 21, 2018

[IAC#RG] Violence done by GNCTD's IAS / DANICS officers upon citizens complaining of corruption

Shri Arvind Kejriwal
Chief Minister Delhi

Chief Secretary / GNCTD

Dear Arvind

We the residents of Delhi do not know what transpired within your residence at midnight recently, however, it is certainly a matter of shame that Govt. of NCT Delhi does not take swift, firm and decisive action when your corrupt IAS officers and corrupt DANICS officers get beaten up the citizen/s of Delhi who go to their offices after taking appointments to report corruption.

I hope that you will personally look into my feedback since you know very well which specific incident I am alluding to which took place about 3 months back in in one of the most corrupt departments of GNCTD.

INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION hopes you or the CS shall clarify, publicly, why those 2 officers (1 IAS and 1 DANICS) in GNCTD are still holding their posts.

I am also giving you feedback that the voting residents of Delhi are concerned that you are spending too much time in your residence, "party"ing, and not enough time at your office in the Delhi Secretariat doing official things.

You should also know that recent press reports have one "Naveen Jaihind" of Haryana as part of Anna Hazare's new core committee for his March 23rd agitation, causing me to again wonder why you appointed Swati Maliwal as DCW chairperson in a completely illegal fashion (which you still cannot explain to me).


Jai Hind

Mob: 8010205897

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