Friday, January 18, 2013


Dear Friends

For the last 3 months Dr. Kiran Bedi has been running a smear campaign to persuade respected Anna Hazareji to "claim" / "reclaim" the India Against Corruption banner / brand-name  etc - call it what you will.

We have also seen an explosion of venom on this list from all sides - which we have tried to circulate even though some of it was very abusive and even made absolutely false personal allegations against me.

I am glad to announce that due to efforts of our well-wishers (after all we are all together in this epochal movement against corruption, and we greatly respect IESMs etc) Shri Anna Hazareji has announced that he is dropping his claim to the IAC brand name etc and will close his Delhi office.

IAC therefore salutes respected Anna Hazareji, we will always love, respect and cherish his pioneering work against corruption, and shall follow as closely as we can in his footsteps and uphold his ideas and principles.

We respect Anna's view that the BJVA will be a grassroots movement of the people of BHARAT. We at IAC, however, shall convey forcefully the ideology of the people of INDIA. Both India and Bharat are 2 birds sitting on the same tree - always together and needing to co-exist. We view our Armed Forces and the IESM movement as the natural link between India and Bharat, and are confident that together we shall forge this nation into a pure and righteous nation such as History has never seen before.

We fully support Annaji's meeting at Patna, and even though Annaji may not now have a home or office in Delhi due to the financial crises, he is always in our hearts and ever welcome at my own humble abode or those of IAC's officer bearers.

National Convenor
India Against Corruption jan andolan

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