Monday, January 14, 2013

Re: [IAC#RG] Basic ingredients of IAC

Dear General Singh

I am writing this email so that there is no misunderstanding whatsoever. This is further to my previous email sent parallel to yours a few minutes back to the list.

1) We have already said that we tremendously respect Anna Hazare ji's contributions to the anti-corruption movement. We have also said that Anna Hazare is always part of the IAC and respected member till he wishes to be. He is not, however, the IAC (he joined in much later for reasons involving the GSSB and Dr Kiran Bedi which I do not wish to dwell on here) . Our agreed stand (you were not part of the movement then and are still only a "special invitee" to our knowledge) is summarised as follows

"Anna is with IAC but the IAC is not with him".

2) The 30 Jan rally was planned for Anna (as an IAC rally) as far back as Aug 2012. We support it as an agreed IAC project and have no objection to it so long as no funds are collected in name or style of IAC. Appropriate instructions have also been given to our local boys in Bihar/Jharkhand etc.

3) We would also request you to personally ensure that no misuse of the India Tricolor takes place on the occasion and the flag code is strictly adhered to. As a fauji I am sure you would appreciate the sentiment we patriots attach to it. Shri.Anna Hazare is an old offender of regularly dishonoring the flag on such occasions and it is only our magnanimity that he and Dr Kiran Bedi are not behind bars for the same.

4) We evidently agree on Kiran Bedi.  :D

5) I would have sent this email on IAC's internal list, but as it has come on to the main mailing list, I am replying on indiaresists

With best wishes and in solidarity,

Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor IAC

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 9:07 AM, <> wrote:
Bedi's stance keeps changing. IAC is firmly with Anna. Rally on 30th is of the masses and IAC is part of it.
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