Monday, January 14, 2013

Re: [IAC#RG] Basic ingredients of IAC

Hello Gen VK

Since last 3 months Anna has done nothing for IAC and has not contacted IAC coordinators. All he doing is creating confusion in mind of public. Dos he have any action plan, if so what it is ? Now there is no need or hope for Lokpal Bill. That phase of IAC movement is over and nobody wants Lokpal Bill not even NCPRI.

We had also collected over Rs. 28 lakhs which was given to IAC for Anna through Kiran Bedi. Team Arvind is not replying to us how the money was used, they say we should contact Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi or anyone else we care in IAC as they were collecting funds for PCRF not for IAC If you have any idea about our money, please inform us or return the same to us immediately with interest.

Mohd Raaz Baig
IAC (NCPRI) Coordinator

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Bedi's stance keeps changing. IAC is firmly with Anna. Rally on 30th is of the masses and IAC is part of it.
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