Sunday, November 17, 2013

Re: [IAC#RG] Is Mizoram a stepchild of Bharat Mata ?

Dear Maj Gen Chauhan

What prevents accessing of Indiaresists forum is not clear to us.

Riseup is a socialist radical collective based in Seattle USA which
is very kindly providing us a FREE email list platform at considerable
cost to themselves. If you or any other IAC subscriber wants to help
Riseup financially here is the link

IAC has no hidden political agenda. Our stand is consistent,
transparent and declared in advance.

1) All political parties are inherently corrupt.
2) "Choosing" the lesser of 2 (or 5 or 50 ) devils is no choice
3) Parliamentary democracy with "1 man 1 vote" is a farce and is
accordingly denounced.
4) IAC unashamedly stands for Hindutva, ie "secular Indian-ness" (as
first used in the English language by Pradhanacharya RamMohan Roy in
1829 and precisely explained by Acharya RajNarayan Bose in 1873 as
follows "Hinduism is pre-eminently tolerant to all other religions
and believes that each man will attain salvation if he follows his own


On 11/17/13, Sainik Sangh <> wrote:
> Friends ,
> Pity we cannot access indiaresist forum inspite of all its nationalistic
> label even when we are ex soldiers ! Many forums operate with hidden
> political agenda which inhibits their activity so we don't blame 'india
> resist and rise up' whatever they stand for ! When will Indians rather
> Hindus who make the bulk of this country rise up themselves to be
> straightforward for a change and just not spin webs of deception merely
> serving ulterior interests . Which is why Hindus could never break free
> from
> subservience and slavery . Despite having slipped into independence the
> wily master forced to abandon jewel in the crown. Not because he gave
> up
> to ex barristers far from this but because Hitler reduced him to a state
> of pecuniary wreck . Colonialism tumbled and fell for which all its
> subservient people must be grateful to him ! The master however never meant
> to make his subjects free so handed over his estate in a hurry to his
> chosen
> keepers schooled in chosen ways -divide and rule which many should have
> realized by now .
> Having served in eastern part of the country I am in full agreement with
> Mayankpathor !
> We are actually and collectively in process of dismantling the
> 'administrative unit 'of the British Empire called 'India' we inherited .
> Failed to craft it as nation and weld its people to forge a bond of unity
> based on mutual commitment to each other's needs , sensitivity for self
> pride and identity of the smallest component of the entity . Even
> relabeled
> ourselves as Republic nothing as Socrates would have it . We couldn't
> because those at helm and their successors felt no need for practicing
> 'truth' the keystone of what Republic must stand on. Imbibed in the very
> seal that spells authority of our state BUT paradoxically desecrated by
> very those who use its authority and writ and misgovern.
> The Republic has been unclothed and needs to be rescued. The status quo
> must be smashed
> Thank you
> maj gen aps chauhan(retd)

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