Saturday, August 12, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] BJP hall of shame in Haryana

We are living in world of Matsya nyaya , weak   devoured y strong, women herded as booty, evil ruling good on earth when Devatas  had an emergency meeting in heavens . It was decided to give earth a Rajan  Vishnu himself in temporal state with all senses and form of man  who will restore order wield Danda nyaya  bring order . That Rajan would the Kshatriya the preserver of territory and all beings in it - Puran Forget which one !
I am taking a walk along a highway in South Delhi and stop to learn what four hawkers from Bihar were arguing about heatedly . It was about the news of stalking of that girl by  Haryana BJP Chiefs  son. I joined in and the single common question raised was where is Our Rajan who will wield Danda nyaya . There are courts and super courts  crime after crime but no visible dand ! We have perfected a system that requires Vishnu to descend again. Modi is no Rajan or all he had to do was to just make his disgust expressed by a simply coming down against moral depravity and demand stern action , specially chiding political mandarins in public for irresponsible grooming of their wards . It's those in driving seats that treatment by Danda nyaya most.

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Good mornings everyone
we all support ur this views  Modi ji must remove like these DNA members of BJP   as well RSS too
Jay Hind

Ashok Dhingra
Asitt. Secretary General Administration
United Front ESM Associations Regd

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You are right. He must have already molested hundreds of girls. This time his bad luck he molested daughter of IAS officer. He need to be lashed. Modiji do something or some your party will be on Congress way

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