Thursday, August 31, 2017


 Supreme court has only struck down Instant triple talaq and not triple talaq itself, which has two other modes with a gap between the 3 utterances of Talaq.

BJP raised the pitch against triple talaq during UP elections where in PM first raised this in his election speeches. However after UP election win PM told other political parties 'not to politicise the issue of triple talaq'.

It is true that Baba's/ Mahant's have followers amongst all political parties. It is a fact that apart from poor as well as illiterate population, they have also followers amongst executives/ intelligentsia who have probably lost their ability to analyse actions and situations.

Criticism of  Khattar is not that he is follower of Baba. Problem is his absolute lack of governance resulting in lack of control and indecision (may be some time motivated) as manifested in casualties during Jat agitation and recently in case of Baba. In Gurgaon, we see the results every day - although Haryana is BJP ruled state its poor compliance of Swatchh Bharat actions had rated Haryana amongst the states at the bottom. Metropolitan authority was formed in Gurgaon a year back without framing rules with the result that road repairs that are normally  completed in December were started only in April next. Haryana Minister made a statement that what is the hurry - people are not dying due to bad roads. Decision was given for builder colonies to be taken over by Municipal corporation without actual implementation with the result that roads in these colonies are not repaired by either of them and these roads are now in such terrible condition, almost non existent.


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Kashyap Vyas
Did you ever hear any one else besides BJP supporting case against triple talaq
This baba who is now being called BJP baba has followers n support from congress ( z plus category provided by Hooda,his son is MLA with congress ticket in Punjab)far more than he had from BJP.
I am sure you must have read additional security being provided to the CBI judge who delivered the judgment by Haryana government
We all can be more unbiased and see in totality rather than going by the narrative of the media m political parties

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There is no role of BJP in Honorable Supreme Court order. Judiciary would have been adjudicated same ruling irrespective of who is ruling India.

So please don't give credit to BJP 

Kashyap Vyas 

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BJP has done justice to Muslim women, It is not Anti Talaq. Muslim personal law is created and enacted by Nehru for vote banking. 

Why such laws are not available in rest of the world where Muslim resides ?

Saudi Arabia even uttered that Muslims in India are Hindu Muslim and Converted Muslim. They do not consider Pakistani and Indian Muslim as Musalman.

Do not argue without justification.

Rajendra Thacker

On Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 11:19 PM, Amaresh Misra <> wrote:

They say we are living in a post-truth world...wrong...we are living in a post-lie world...

It is not just that lies have become the truth...that they is that lies have acquired the veneer of 'modernity'...lie has become acceptable...even objective force that fascists wear proudly on their sleeves...

Today, your greatest enemy will be leading you into battle against the 'enemy'...such are the times...

Lie has brothers, friends, Romans and of its cousins is a chicken-shit called double standards...

Take triple is obvious what a non-issue the issue is...Muslim women face so many genuine problems...they are oppressed twice as Muslims and women...when their brothers, husbands, sons, fathers, lovers are lynched, killed, 'fake-encountered', brutalised: what do they go through? 

But no one will talk about this...even anti-RSS liberals will talk of 'we know how BJP will ultimately gain from this issue'...but let's 'celebrate this moment of woman emanicipation'...

'Women emanicipation'? Triple Talaq (TT) and women emanicipation? Are you nuts? Why are you abusing the great legacy of the struggle for women's rights? 

Leave aside the fact that Indian Court has put a ban only on 'instant Talaq' that anyways does not enjoy Koranic sanction...and that too for 6 months...

The fact is that TT is banned in most Muslim countries...if India was serious about a uniform civil code (UCC) it would have implemented it long ago...and yes with the full agreement of Maulavis and religious heads...

Keeping a personal law for Muslim is not right or was part of the social contract between the Indian State and Muslims who preferred to stay back in India rather than go to Pakistan...

With the consent of all stakeholders, a social contract can be updated or modernised or anulled...but you cannot cannot put a gun to the head of a stakeholder and force him to sign...

Have you ever wondered why RSS and BJP are anti-TT? Do they really believe in UCC?

RSS and BJP are anti-TT not just because it is another stick with which they can browbeat Muslims...they are anti-TT because the position gives them the perfect standpoint to do what they always wanted: attack the Hindu Code Bill (HCB)!

In the 1950s, all hues of RSS opposed the Hindu Code Bill...Hindu women today enjoy some level of freedom due to Nehru's HCB...but RSS is a fascist is initiating a counter revolution in Indian is hell-bent on rolling back whatever reforms and progress Indian society has made in terms of advancement in civil rights, upliftment of weaker sections, and women emancipation...

RSS-BJP are crooked forces...they do things a clandestine manner...they did not attack HCB directly...

By attacking TT, BJP first communalised the personal law issue...they gathered massive support among Hindu secular-progressive women and liberals...Muslim women enjoying a modicum of freedom were swayed too...

With this support, and the environs it created, it was only a matter of time before RSS-BJP got in a legal manner what they always wanted: the power to legislate on personal law...

And fascists will use this power not to reform Muslim personal law or bring in a progressive UCC...they are demons in human the name of UCC, they will whittle down/distort the progressive aspects of Nehru's HCB...
Forget about the 'upliftment' of Muslim women...Hindu women should get ready to return legally to being housewives...widows should get ready to lose their right to remarry...divorcees should get ready for the humiliation of living as second class citizens with men they hate...and daughter, sisters, wives and mothers should get ready to give up their rights of property...and accept polygamy...

Musalmaan to vaise bhee bhagwaan bharose reh rahen the time fascists will be through, Hindu women will be 'bombed' back to middle ages...

And they will look at Muslim women and envy the rights enshrined in a religious book compiled in the 7th century...

Amaresh Misra

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