Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Dear Aires

Thanks for highlighting this. It is a CRIMINAL ACT for a male priest
to take this group of minor Catholic girls into a dense forest at
night.What were the parents of these children thinking entrusting th
precious chastity of their daughters to this priest ?

Over the years all manner of fake priests, babas, maulvis, have abused
the innocence of their "flocks" for personal gain. All these Vaticans,
temples, ashrams etc have become power centres based on greed, lust,
debauchery and exploitation.

It is high time that the educated / intelligent people of India (ie.
if there any still left) conbine to wipe out these dens of corruption
and licentiousness and raze them to the ground.

On a side note, last month our great Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi
had invited me to an inter-faith gathering of about 25 religious
leaders, I (on behalf of Hindu Samaj of India) was the only one who
told them to their face and publicly and in writing that they were all
mainly frauds preying on innocent and desperate people who are left
with nowhere to go (corrupt courts / police / babudom) except to pray
for a better 2nd life through all these instittutional religious
rascals. It is unikel that I will be invited again.

I sincerely hope that Kailash Satyarthi respects the Arya Samaj
traditions of his late father-in-law (who I knew many years ago) and
does not seek support of these knd of people to project himself. As it
is the people are starting to get fed up with Mr. Modi and Mr. Amit
Shah (and their rigged voting machines) and the RSS forces are now
starting all sorts of these FAKE morchas and andolans to distract and
divert our foolish public.

I hope that you shall pursue this rogue priest through the criminal
system of India instead of submitting to some Vatican delegate and
sweeping such things under the carpet.

Sarbajit Roy

On 8/30/17, Aires Rodrigues <> wrote:
> It was a very providential escape for those seven minor girls, four of whom
> are from Ribandar, who went straying on that unauthorized trekking
> expedition into the deep forest of the Mhadei Wildlide Sanctuary. Highly
> irresponsible was the conduct of Melany Pinto who very carelessly misled
> these young girls into that thick forest which is infested with wild
> animals and thus endangered the lives of these minor girls while they
> remained vulnerable in that forest all night.
> Melany Pinto who is attached to a religious order "Heralds of the Gospel"
> earlier used to assist the Parish Priest of Caranzalem and is now seen at
> the Ribandar Church. His gross misconduct in taking these minor girls on
> that totally reckless expedition needs to be taken very serious note of.
> Our Ribandar Church over the years has been in the news for all the wrong
> reasons. And that saga seems unending…Its time His Grace the Archbishop of
> Goa Rev. Filipe Neri Ferrao cracks the whip and seeks an immediate
> explanation.
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