Thursday, August 10, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] BJP hall of shame in Haryana

The country and our nearly over  1300 million unforttunate Indian citizens SHALL REMAIN TRAPPED IN 

Shame  Drudgery, Poverty. Shame, Smarly wrapped PPolitical Lies and also in  Strrog  grips of Political Goons and vandals:

 as long as Modi and presentt BJP moost incompetent and Most  Hypocrite Gov be allowed to stay in Power. 
as long as all opposition political parties Quickly join together as One Cohesive UNIT to file a JOINT single same writ petition to be heard in all High Courts A Case of Treason againt entire nation most henious CONSPIRACY and crime againt one most bulky part of our human society. Accusing most of our highest  Institutions that serve our Democracy 

Ashok Sharma 


This be Read as Writ on a Concre Wall.

Ashok Sharma


On 10 August 2017 at 06:53, SainikSangh <> wrote:
Shame  the country is in grips of political goons and vandals . Modi has no love lost .They are all the same . Time to unite against political anarchy.

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On 06-Aug-2017, at 11:34 PM, pushpendra singh <> wrote:

Her dad,  HRY addl secy, posted out overnight & culprit out on bail.  BJP is confidently shouting law will take its own course. 
 Criminals in power always have great faith in law.

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