Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] BJP hall of shame in Haryana

Thankyou all here for vociferously supporting the stand of the young girl in Chandigarh.
And very rightly observed that this Barala jr would have molested and even further abused so many girls.
This is evident in his trying to open the door of the car which the young girl was driving. God forbid if this hooligan Barala had managed to open the door..

Have wondered many a times how difficult it must be for girls in smaller towns.
And this is in Chandigarh which is supposed to be progressive!!

Girls having to deal with mindset of Medieval times, and still trying to make something of their life.
Our Salute to Vartika Kundu.

Plz convey this to the girl's family that all of us are with them.

On 6 Aug 2017 21:58, "Manohar Sharma" <manohar.sharma@hotmail.com> wrote:

Yes  No mercy for such criminals
Modiji please order strictest action

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You are right. He must have already molested hundreds of girls. This time his bad luck he molested daughter of IAS officer. He need to be lashed. Modiji do something or some your party will be on Congress way

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