Thursday, September 7, 2017


The ruthless and cold-blooded gunning down of the veteran journalist /activist Gauri Lankesh is yet another very dark and sad happening for the (so-called) world's largest democracy that is now in deep peril.


For a moment, forget her journo-activism... picture before your eyes a 55 year old defenseless and helpless woman being shot by 4 killers. One's blood boils at that.


The murder of Gauri Lankesh who was a courageous outspoken critic of the RSS-BJP combo only further demonstrates the growing intimidation and intolerance across the country since the saffron brigade led by Narendra Modi came to power in May 2014.


Gauri Lankesh's killers have to be immediately tracked down. Else, it will only further embolden those hooligans out to stifle the voice of dissent.  


The gunshots that extinguished Gauri Lankesh's life should not deter us. Let us remain committed to the battle and ensure that our great country regains its democratic and secular fabric. This would be a true tribute to our departed Gauri Lankesh.


We should always be guided by those words of the great French intellectual Voltaire 

"I do not agree with you. But I shall give up my life for your right to say what you wish"


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