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Nothing will happen, IPS and bureaucrats are at the top . Totally corrupt and they are exploiting the force members. Telling anything about inside story will result into severe punishments. I have done 100s of cases in favour of force members in High court. Even the benefit granted vide sixth pay commision is not fully implemented. and they are paid less. I had won so many cases for the force members and still, the department is adamant. Department is challenging each and every order by spending lakhs of rupes against the force members in which money value involved would be lesser than fifty thousand or less.
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During last month's Goa by-elections had the occasion to interact with some officers and constables of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) who were deployed here on election duty. It was horrifying to know the pathetic working and living conditions of these personnel who are shunted around the country wherever they are required. It was further painful to hear that due to work related stress, the suicide rate amongst the CISF is very high.  This force which works so dedicatedly and very professionally sometimes even putting their lives at risk must be well taken care of. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should ensure that the salaries, perks and benefits of the CISF and the well being of their families is enhanced to commensurate with the extremely hard work they put in their line of duty.   If the Government does not come to their rescue, this would be a fit case for the National Human Rights Commission to intervene.

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