Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Agree with you Mr Aires Rodrigues.
However important persons like the President, PM and certain other functionaries at Centre and States may still need security as they many times take decisions that are not favourable to all. Also our country has extremists of various kinds and may attack such dignitaries just for creating chaos under which they flourish.
But all other ministers and politicians at Centre and State levels should not be provide any security. Some how for Ministers and Politicians it has become a fashion to have a few security persons around to feel important.


Narendra Talwar

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In a democracy there can be no room to foment VIP culture. With the red beacon now gone, it's time to stop those crores being squandered on providing police security for Ministers other politicians and their kin. 

Politicians are supposed to serve the people and those who really do service need no protection. Our Soldiers and para military forces take very high risks sans any special protection.

The power intoxicated Politicians who are apprehensive about their personal safety should either hire their own personal body guards or fade away from public life. Such criminal waste of public funds on security for VIPs cannot be allowed. The Police personnel ought to be deployed for street policing and not to hover around the politicians. The unnecessary over deployment of police at official functions attended by VIPs must also stop. The police force is meant to investigate criminal cases, maintain law and order while also regulating traffic. The life of a VIP cannot be any more sacred than that of a common man.

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