Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] Fw: RBI confesses that demonetisation failed

Dear Shri Gaur

This BJP Govt is completely corrupt and completely insensitive and petitioning is useless.

Like most patriotic Hindutva oriented people on IAC platform we had hoped and voted that BJP would finish off Congress, finish off corruption and usher in a strong and resurgent India.

Instead are deceived and we find that this is the most arrogant, and foreign (USA) backed dicatorship India has ever known, which is fooling the people with fake nationalism and fake piety while they are looting the coffers of the nation and printing worthlessly colourful currency notes to take its place,

There is also no law and order or justice system worth the name in India and corruption is rampant everywhere (except in social media and Ambani news outlets).

Don't blame IAC, they have now learned some very important lessons, eg,

(a) nobody with foreign links can be trusted,

(b) the RSS since 1940's has been a fully USA backed puppet fascist organisation and

(c) Hinduism and Hindutva is in grave danger of being irreparably corrupted by the Christian teachings of so-called Swami Vivekananda which passes for Hinduism today to deliver our nation into the hands of foreign devils.


RP Dalvi

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It is a good idea to start petitioning Govt. on various issues affecting people. But how far this will be an effective tool against the Govt. is difficult to say.

Record show that even after fighting in the Supreme Court and getting directions the Govt. keep delaying reforms/remedies on one pretext or the other. Police Reforms is a case in point, and you having been a part of the police force would know how the Govt. is dragging its feet without taken any worthwhile steps.

While we keep decrying foreign financed NGOs and people connected with them, we have failed to develop indegenously financed institutions with adequate finances to expose the Govt. failings. 

If the PM says we should have a bullet train whatever the cost without going into cost benefits and disregrding the present state of affairs of the Railways, you hardly see any dissenting voice by any one of the stake holders. 
Recntly some figures showed that the petrol that cost Rs.30 after refining is sold at Rs 80 in Mumbai, delibrate design to keep it out of GST and use the excess funds without any tranperency becomes obvious. Yet we have to continue to do our bit where ever and in whatever manner we can-on social media,petitions,PILs,NGOs and direct agitations. IAC had become a premier platform for fighting corruption through Jan Andolan of 2011/12 but could not sustain the tempo due to internal,ideological reasons.

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