Friday, February 25, 2011

[HumJanenge] Jet-setting PIOs are unhappy with CIC & Mamata Banerjee

The PIOs of India are quite fedup with Mr Satyananda Mishra.CCIC and
Ms. Mamata Banerjee

Previously they used to get at least 7 days notice before CIC appeal
hearings. This gave them enough time to buy an air-ticket and buy a
Tatkal rail ticket after 5 days, The air-ticket (always booked online
with e-ticket) could be cancelled and they could pocket the

Nowadays, SN Mishra's inefficient CIC gives them only 3 days notice to
attend hearings,
Tatkal has been reduced to 2 days before journey (risk of no ticket is
very high) and
PIOs have actually started flying in to attend hearings (and they are
complaining very
bitterly about this in the CIC visitors room). I daresay that there
are some aspects of the mechanics of this fraud that I haven't
understood as yet.

I think it is high time that honest tax-paying citizens demand that
the DoPT should either exempt PIOs from attending (and allow them to
engage advocates), or prescribe as part of appeal procedure rules that
PIOs must travel by 2nd class (ordinary) only. Shall we have a poll on
this ?


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