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Re: [HumJanenge] Jet-setting PIOs are unhappy with CIC & Mamata Banerjee

Dear M.K.Gupta, I think the content of Video Conferrencing is not information as cited by Mr . Anand. In one of my Video Conferrencing (vc) at Bangalore with CIC, I enquired if the proceedings of the VC are stored in the form of data. For which they clarified that they can't store such data. However, they told us that prior to the commencement of the VC, if the request is made to record such proceedings, this can be considered with the approval of CIC and Cheif of NIC Center.



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What about hearing in person? any clue, dear Anand.
Thanks for this information, next time, I shall opt for video conference but in Video Conference, one problem, how to make written submissions of about 2-3 pages. In Video Conference, it these may take 5-16 minutes and which long conference may not be allowed or may not continue in the network. 
M K Gupta

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As  hearring is done jhrough video conference. The data becomes infformation

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Dear Roy,

I want to know we can legally audio record the proceedings of the case at
Information Commissions, without causing any disturbance to the proceedings. 
This is in the wake of many complaint of the applicants that their submissions
have not been considered and have not been included in the decision or the order
is not an speaking one.

Shall be thankful if you can share this information for members, if you know
about this too otherewise I will have to file an RTI with CIC and DoPT for
taking a clarification. I add that such hearing are held in open court and thus
these are not confidential.
If any other member is aware about this, please share.

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Subject: Re: [HumJanenge] Jet-setting PIOs are unhappy with CIC & Mamata

As per my submission to the DoPT, the right of personal
hearing does not extend to being fobbed off with audio/
video conferences where the evidentiary process cannot
be given effect to.


On 2/25/11, Manoj Pai <> wrote:
> Add video conference to the list.
> Manoj
> --- On Sat, 2/26/11, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
>> the DoPT should either exempt PIOs from attending (and
>> allow them to
>> engage advocates), or prescribe as part of appeal procedure
>> rules that
>> PIOs must travel by 2nd class (ordinary) only. Shall we
>> have a poll on
>> this ?
>> Sarbajit

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