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Re: [HumJanenge] Some pigs are more equal than others - Part 1

WOW  !!!

The real reason SSP's height  was being raised was to generate huge quantities of stable electric power for certain secret nuclear processing and research facilities.

Is Wajjahat going to deny this happened ? I was searching for a copy of the "completely corrupt little orders" you said he delivered, Cant locate it on either of the CIC websites.

On Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 9:16 AM, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
I'm writing this long post because of the recent flames on this list and is addressed
To some people who wanted to know

A) I am not related to Ms. Aruna Roy,
(PS; I also have a prestigious publication widely circulated to the creme of India society which leads me to believe that Ms. Aruna Jayaram is not married to Mr Sanjit ''Bunker" Roy, and hence her surname may not even be "Roy" like mine is)

B) I have never met Aruna Roy or spoken to her or corresponded with her directly,
The CIC also at their various little dos tries to see to it that we don't come within a km of each other.

C) My first brush with Ms.Aruna Roy was when the late Prakash Kardaley (moving spirit behind Humjanenge-YG) requested me and some other RTI personalities in Delhi to urgently intervene AGAINST Aruna Roy and Shekhar Singh in a "life or liberty" RTI request they had filed to PMO on behalf of Medha Patkar. This was sometime in early 2006.

Medha Patkar was on "hunger strike" (BTW, her "fast" was a complete pack of lies) against Narmada Dam's height being raised (and thereby washing away the fertile lands on which Patkar's 'kulak" financiers grow tobacco for beedis among other cash croppy things),  the Govt had sent a 3 member Cabinet team to inspect the site, NCPRI/NBA had obtained an unofficial copy of this report via Saifuddin Soz but desperately needed an official copy (Official Secret Act you know) to submit to SC (Prashant Bhushan had already filed a Writ based on this report with a "true typed copy" annexed listed for urgent hearing. As raising the height of SSP (Narmada Dam) would mainly benefit the people of Gujarat (a BJP fortress under NAC's arch devil Mr. Narendra Modi) the NAC brigade had worked out with Saifuddin Soz (he was the Water Resources Union Minister) that Aruna Roy's "48 hour" RTI would get her the info well in time for Prashant Bhushan to read out from it to the Court. The only stumbling block was that the report was officially with the PMO since Mr.Prithviraj Chavan (junior Minister at PMO) held it (but MoWR had a copy).

Mr Chavan knew (as did the anti-India NAC brigade) that the real reason SSP's height  was being raised was to generate huge quantities of stable electric power for certain secret nuclear processing and research facilities. Why a few of the new generation Tokamaks were even located in the land of Gandhi - Gujarat  :-)

Accordingly, since I had previously commented on all these aspects to the PMO (mainly at the request of my by then good friend Mr Kardaley - who was a true patriot), I wrote off to the PMO's PIO stating that I was a 3rd party in Aruna Roy's RTI request and that I opposed disclosure of this report which contained my confidential submissions and other intellectual property, and that national security required required that  this CONFIDENTIAL and SECRET report of Govt not be disclosed etc. in RTI

Based on my 3rd party request, the PMO promptly forwarded u/s 6(3) the entire RTI request ALONG WITH my 3rd party intervention to the Water Resources PIO to dispose off in the normal course. In the ordinary course this would have ensured that they didn't get the information for months (if not years).

Left with no other option, Aruna Roy (at the behest of her CIA ~KGB controllers) played the Sonia card. A phone call was made to Mr Habibullah, an urgent email u/s 18 of RTI Act was sent off to Mr H, and Mr Habibullah like a loyal little soldier in the N-G mafia fixed a hearing for them 2 days later WITHOUT sending me a 3rd party notice. Luckily, some patriotic citizens from Gujarat informed me about it, and I sent emails to Mr Habibullah informing him that I was a "registered 3rd party" in the matter and that the PMO's PIO  had also sent my papers to WR-PIO under advice to me, and that info should not be disclosed without following all 3rd party procedures and allowing me to exhaust all my remedies under the RTI Act etc, and that I would be present at that hearing.

Now Mr Habibullah is in a fix, the CIC was then him, Mr MM Ansari and 3 relatively upright (and coincidentally all non-Muslim) Information Commissioners - Mr Tiwari, Mr Kejriwal and Ms. Balasubramaniam.  Mr Habibullah of course (using his powers u/s 12-4) constituted a bench of himself and Mr Ansari. <wink> for this matter.

When I and Mr Veeresh Malik (representing the 3rd party people of India deliberately excluded from proceedings of this corrupt little NAC spy ring) reached the hearing venue, we noticed Ms Aruna Roy and some officers coming out of Mr Habibullah's office. When the hearing started, the first thing the Water Resources PIO said was that this hearing was not necessary because he had already handed over the said document (clearly marked as CONFIDENTIAL etc) outside the hearing hall to Ms. Aruna Roy a few minutes back.

Ar which point Arvind Kejriwal (who was representing Ms Roy & that other villain Shekar Singh - appearing in hearings being below their status) looked very zapped but as a matter of abundant precaution requested that a certified copy of the said report be given to him too (which Mr Ansari promptly ordered). When I raised the point about what happened to my 3rd party rights in the matter, Mr Habibullah (like the good soldier Schwiek) said there was no question of my being a 3rd party in this matter. Of course he passed a completely corrupt little order after this by misusing 1 of the only 2 skills in life he has.

As a true Indian, we didn't let the matter rest there, and we got Prashant Bhushan blocked in the Supreme Court  We also got somebody very high up to give Mr Habibullah a right royal ticking off (and he was humble and contrite for a month or 2 thereafter). The CIC also passed a resolution that EMAIL complaints and life or liberty complaints would not be entertained like this in future.


Mr Habibullah is now the National Minorities Chief and gets to retain his house and lal-batti.
Mr Ansari is now the interlocutor in J&K at a very handsome govt salary.

Mr A.N.Tiwari is enjoying his retirement
Mr O.P Kejriwal is enjoying his retirement
Ms. Padma Balasubramanian is (presumably) a housewife.

I hope this clarifies some of the issues. In my next posts with this subject I shall be writing on 2 famous quotes from George Orwell which have a direct bearing on RTI (and the traitors hiding under Sonia's petticoat)

"All animals are equal" (but pigs are more equal than other animals)
from "Animal Farm"


"War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength."
from "1984:


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