Sunday, February 27, 2011

Re: [HumJanenge] Centre must add purpose clause to RTI Act

The route for denial of such sensitive information already exists in the RTI Act Under Section 8. Unfortunately, our friendly neighborhood CPIOs decided to wrongly, use this escape clause, to deny simple information like staff duty charts, land records, recruitment, statement of accounts etc. They have used Section 8 more liberally than implementation of  proactive disclosure Under Section 4. It is thanks to these secretive CPIOs / FAA (and not the RTI haramis) that we have arrived to this stage where such sensitive information could fall in the hands of terrorists and endanger our lives and that of our families/friends.

I would still agree with your point, that centre may insist on the "purpose" clause into the RTI Act. As a "tie breaker" could they also consider adding "termination from service" clause for secretive CPIOs who deny the information to genuine seekers or give them wrong information???

If the CIC could terminate the services of their contract staff for wrong diary marking, what is wrong in sacking the CPIOs for disclosing wrong information?

Manoj Pai

--- On Sun, 2/27/11, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
Let me take another example. An Architect Mr Sudhir Vohra has won a case in High Court to get blueprints of Delhi Metro Rail's structures. Why cannot a terrorist or their proxy apply for the same in RTI ? In the old days the OSA ensured that such info would not be given, now all our lives are at risk


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