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IAC has always been consistent in saying

( No difference between them )

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All good Nation-building boys can now openly meet in public without
having to defend their associations and it is high time AK comes out
of the (Nation-building) closet with the rest of his cabinet.


On 7/3/16, Raminder Singh <> wrote:
> Dear Sarbjit
> *"Although there is hardly any doubt that the present BJP Govt is a
> **completely
> useless and corrupt one, the AAP sarkar in Dilli is hardly **any better."*
> ​
> In one phrase / post from your keyboard you have exposed why there is no
> difference whatsoever in corruption and inefficiency between BJP and AAP.
> ​
> Is it any wonder seeing the trends in Punjab why BJP and AAP are now
> cozying up to each other so that each can rely upon the other if needed.
> ​
> Is it also any cause to wonder why supporters of both these RSS created
> parties (AAP was created by RSS in 2010 through cutouts like Ramdev and
> Govindacharya for exactly this purpose) are so keen that Kejriwal should
> cooperate / work with Modi. I pity my Punjabi brothers and sisters back me
> that they only have such rogues to vote for to form a '40 chor' sarkar.
> ​
> Raminder Singh
> On Sun, Jul 3, 2016 at 8:31 AM, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
>> Dear Diwan Singh ji
>> You have surely changed your AK tune overnight.
>> Although there is hardly any doubt that the present BJP Govt is a
>> completely useless and corrupt one, the AAP sarkar in Dilli is hardly
>> any better. So I really don't know how you say that AK can get
>> (HONEST) work out of babus.
>> For eg., why to speak of land related issues where the maha-loot is,
>> even in an insignificant department of GNCTD like "Information
>> Technology Dept" the Secretary/s there obviously accept bribes to do
>> even their routine work and are adept at taking HUGE BRIBES.for NOT
>> doing their designated work under one pretext or another.
>> By way of example, in one of my own cases, I had filed an Information
>> Technology Act complaint on 13 February 2015 (still pending) seeking
>> a token compensation of only Rs. 950. Howevr, apparently each month
>> the IT Dept. Secretary/s of GNCTD (first some Arun Baroka - IAS 1990
>> and now a Dr. Vasanthakumar N.) have been getting a HUGE BRIBE of
>> around Rs. 1 lakh per month to ensure that my complaint does not come
>> up for hearing in its turn.
>> Now just today, I have got inside information from my sources that the
>> present Secretary IT / GNCTD "Dr. Vasanthakumar N" or suchlike, an IAS
>> officer on super-annuation, is being offered a Rs. 20 LAKH bribe
>> ('supari') to pass an unfavorable order in my complaint. FYI, this is
>> my same complaint where I had mentioned about Arvind Kejriwal and
>> friends being linked to a numbered Swiss Bank account, so also this
>> corrupt officer is now being improperly influenced to pass a malafide
>> order that my complaint is not maintainable.
>> Needless to say the Information Technology Act is a TIME-BOUND
>> enactment to dispose of complaints like mine. In this lightning fast
>> digital age, these complaints have to be heard within 4 months and
>> order delivered in 6 months at the very most. However, in my complaint
>> So if you claim that AK is capable of getting HONEST work from of his
>> officers, I will say that you must be living in some alternate
>> reality. However, for doing dishonest work AK's babus like this Dr.
>> Vasanthakumar N (who AK has even appointed to be in charge of the
>> GNCTD "Administrative Refoirms Department" (where the most honest
>> officers should be in charge)) are prepared to burn the midnight oil
>> for their CM's benefit.
>> Sarbajit Roy

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