Sunday, July 3, 2016


Dear Sarbjit

"Although there is hardly any doubt that the present BJP Govt is a completely useless and corrupt one, the AAP sarkar in Dilli is hardly any better."

In one phrase / post from your keyboard you have exposed why there is no difference whatsoever in corruption and inefficiency between BJP and AAP.

Is it any wonder seeing the trends in Punjab  why BJP and AAP are now cozying up to each other so that each can rely upon the other if needed.

Is it also any cause to wonder why supporters of both these RSS created parties (AAP was created by RSS in 2010 through cutouts like Ramdev and Govindacharya for exactly this purpose) are so keen that Kejriwal should cooperate / work with Modi. I pity my Punjabi brothers and sisters back me that they only have such rogues to vote for to form a '40 chor' sarkar.

Raminder Singh

On Sun, Jul 3, 2016 at 8:31 AM, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
Dear Diwan Singh ji

You have surely changed your AK tune overnight.

Although there is hardly any doubt that the present BJP Govt is a
completely useless and corrupt one, the AAP sarkar in Dilli is hardly
any better. So I really don't know how you say that AK can get
(HONEST) work out of babus.

For eg., why to speak of land related issues where the maha-loot is,
even in an insignificant department of GNCTD like "Information
Technology Dept" the Secretary/s there obviously accept bribes to do
even their routine work and are adept at taking HUGE BRIBES.for NOT
doing their designated work under one pretext or another.

By way of example, in one of my own cases, I had filed an Information
Technology Act complaint on 13 February 2015  (still pending) seeking
a token compensation of only Rs. 950.  Howevr, apparently each month
the IT Dept. Secretary/s of GNCTD (first some Arun Baroka - IAS 1990
and now a Dr. Vasanthakumar N.) have been getting a HUGE BRIBE of
around Rs. 1 lakh per month to ensure that my complaint does not come
up for hearing in its turn.

Now just today, I have got inside information from my sources that the
present Secretary IT / GNCTD "Dr. Vasanthakumar N" or suchlike, an IAS
officer on super-annuation, is being offered a Rs. 20 LAKH bribe
('supari') to pass an unfavorable order in my complaint. FYI, this is
my same complaint where I had mentioned about Arvind Kejriwal and
friends being linked to a numbered Swiss Bank account, so also this
corrupt officer is now being improperly influenced to pass a malafide
order that my complaint is not maintainable.

Needless to say the Information Technology Act is a TIME-BOUND
enactment to dispose of complaints like mine. In this lightning fast
digital age, these complaints have to be heard within 4 months and
order delivered in 6 months at the very most. However, in my complaint

So if you claim that AK is capable of getting HONEST work from of his
officers, I will say that you must be living in some alternate
reality. However, for doing dishonest work AK's babus like this Dr.
Vasanthakumar N (who AK has even appointed to be in charge of the
GNCTD "Administrative Refoirms Department" (where the most honest
officers should be in charge)) are prepared to burn the midnight oil
for their CM's benefit.

Sarbajit Roy

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